• 1st August 2020

A spectacular girl should have a secret weapon – beauty products, thanks to which she will be able to maintain a fresh and well-groomed look. What could she have in her makeup bag?

Regardless of the season, the skin needs additional care and hydration. And special thermal water for the face and body is ideal, as it reduces discomfort, soothes irritation, protects the skin from negative external factors and accelerates cell regeneration.


The rule is simple: the more hydration, the less wrinkles and wrinkles you will see on the skin. Drink plenty of water and use it as a spray for healthy, glowing skin. You will be surprised to know that well-hydrated skin is less prone to the aging process.

Mineral water moisturizes the skin for 6 hours – that's about half a day. Such cool water additionally refreshes the face, the pores become narrower, the amount of sebum is reduced and the oily sheen disappears.

Adequate water, both internally and externally, is literally the cheapest and easiest way to achieve success on the path to natural beauty.

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Together with the original version, they learned to combine thermal water with other ingredients that enhance its effect. Vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, potassium, sodium, silicic acid, as well as natural supplements such as aloe, ginger and lemon help your skin to wake up and get the invigorating boost it needs. Magnesium not only moisturizes the skin without leaving greasy marks, but also returns moisture to it and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Ginger has detoxifying properties, aloe is rich in amino acids, and lemon is an antioxidant.

In what forms is thermal water presented?

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Thermal spray that protects even sensitive skin from drying out;

Fragrant water to moisturize and protect the skin from premature aging and oxidative stress;

A beauty elixir for tired and dull skin that tones and strengthens it;

Facial sprays with hyaluronic acid and gluco-glycerin for instant and long-lasting hydration;

SPF for protection from UV radiation and dirty air.

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A bottle with such a liquid is sure to be found in women over 40 who look much younger than their age. Moisturizing the face throughout the day, thermal water saturates the face with moisture, gives it a healthy glow and shine, prevents the appearance of wrinkles and the formation of creases on the skin.

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An added benefit of water is that it fixes makeup when applied after foundation and powder. It can be applied to makeup: not only will it not deteriorate, but it will look fresher and last longer. A general rule of thumb is to maintain a distance of approximately 15 cm from your face when spraying water.

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