• 6th August 2020

A trend for the ages – so you can say about red and coral lipstick in a women's cosmetic bag. These shades create a warm yet exhilarating look and give you chic. Soft tones: red, burgundy, orange, so they can be easily combined with many other shades. And matte and velvety look sophisticated and add depth to the makeup.

Look for a touch of luxury and personality in a matte lipstick. Almost all fashion styles favor the scarlet version, which is also welcomed in cold skin types, because it is a hot shade in itself.

MAC presents the Powder Kiss lipstick, which can be used to achieve a light, bright result, without gloss and with a matte effect. The brand offers a rich color with a matte finish.

The lipstick is so versatile, comfortable and long-lasting that when used on the lips, you can apply it on the eyelids like eyeshadow and on the cheeks like blush. Therefore, she will surely become your next favorite when creating your daily makeup.

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The Powder Kiss line is available in 17 shades, it has high pigmentation, and it lasts up to 10 hours on the lips!

The hourglass applicator lets you apply just as much color to your lips in one stroke as you need it, for an even, soft finish. The pigment does not collect in the corners and folds of the lips, does not deteriorate and does not blur in the heat.


Due to the “blurred” effect and velvety lipstick, it seems to turn into a second skin. This is due to the special Cream Matrix and Soft-Focus Filter technology, which are changing the idea of ​​what should be a decorative cosmetics for lips.

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Photo: Materials of press services

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