About us

Hello. I am the author of this blog, and my name is Ken D. Jones. When I was young, I wanted to write a book about women’s morals and adultery, but probably there was still little “material”. Later, the idea of ​​creating this site appeared, and now it has received the right to life. My whole life was filled with bright events and therefore I have something to tell the young explorers of women’s hearts.

Also I will be very happy representatives of the beautiful half. I am ready to discuss with them in the comments on the themes of the relationship between a man and a woman, and this is not only kisses and flowers, but also adultery, tears and broken families. In my youthful years, it was my pleasure to bring me into the women’s team, which in three years did the impossible. From a timid shy boy I turned into a romantic lovelace.

My rule in life has always been that any acquaintance with a woman should end in sex. I thought that if the acquaintance did not reach the bed, it would mean that they would think badly of me. The reason is that back in school, the first experience of making friends with a girl ended in failure. He then left an imprint on my entire future life. I wish to spend time on my personal blog.

For so many years we have been locked in the walls of our small, typical apartments filled with the same furniture, that even now it is sometimes difficult to break away from stereotypes. So let’s see what the professionals advise, what beautiful and unusual houses there are. Let’s make an exciting virtual journey into the world of architecture, interior design, comfortable and beautiful furniture, household items!