• 4th June 2020

If you follow beauty blogs or periodically study online cosmetics stores, then, among other things, you may have noticed an unusual flat stone “gouache” for massage, which you know little about and may not be sure how to use it.

It is this tool that can already be found in the cosmetics bags of many women who have included in their beauty routine gouache facial massage for a natural facelift – it makes the skin supple and elastic.

What is gouache facial massage? How is it performed at home? And how often should it be done? Learn from Swjournal's selection ♥



This is an alternative Chinese massage method using a flat stone to improve blood circulation, relax the muscles of the face and get elastic, toned and radiant skin.

This type of massage dates back to the 14th century, traditionally it was used on the face and body, it has a lot of advantages, and it is often used to relieve some chronic pains.

This type of massage can help you treat liver inflammation, migraines, neck pain, it relieves insomnia, anxiety, dizziness and a constant feeling of heat that accompanies menopausal women.

HOW TO MAKE Gouache Massage?

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To massage your face with the gouache method, you will need a rounded rose quartz stone. It is light and smooth enough to slide freely on the surface of the face.

Before the procedure, you need to wash yourself and be sure to apply a moisturizing gel, serum or oil, so that the instrument glides more easily on the skin.

Then, using a stone completely against the face, long, gentle movements massage the neck, cheeks, chin, cheekbones, forehead, under the eyes, above and between the eyebrows.


You can do this facial massage every day or once a week, but, of course, you will achieve greater effect with daily procedures during the week.

For detailed instructions on how to use this stone for massage, watch the video where the beauty blogger gives practical tips and talks about gouache massage.


This massage with centuries-old history and traditions, which attracts attention because of its simplicity, speed and imminent effect, since after just a few procedures you can notice positive changes on your face.

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