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bright wedding looks that will surprise you!

bright wedding looks that will surprise you!

Tattoos, piercings, short hair, dreadlocks or bright hair color – ultramodern girls try in different ways to reflect their inner world in an everyday look. But what if a wedding is on the way? After all, such a bright bride will definitely stand out from the rest! Portal Svadebka.ws will tell you everything about a vivid image of a bride with an informal appearance. We will tell you how you can beautifully beat the nuances of such an appearance so as not to make mistakes in the style of the bride, but to look your best.

An unusual bride with a striking appearance: how to create a stylish wedding look?

We all have our own example of what the average bride should look like in our heads. Moreover, at a wedding, the future wife can always be distinguished from other guests by a number of signs. This is as it should be, because it is on the newlyweds that the attention of everyone around them should be drawn. Bright wedding images in some situations can “crush” this special charm of the bride, tenderness and softness. Therefore, the main thing that a future wife should strive for is to soften her appearance slightly, correctly place accents and not overload the image.

Bright image of the bride

Of course, if you like everything flashy and even shocking, you don’t have to make the image gentle and sophisticated. You can choose a bright dress to match your hair color, make a spectacular wedding makeup, come up with a creative hairstyle, etc. But think about the fact that the photos from the wedding will remain forever, your taste may change with age, and your overly bright image as a bride may seem to you ridiculous over time.


In such a situation, it is still better to allow yourself to adopt some traditions regarding the appearance of the bride. They will not in any way affect your rebellious spirit, but on the contrary, they will only emphasize the depth of your soul and character, show that you can be different, soft and gentle as well. So, let’s find out how and what details of a girl’s unusual appearance can be played up in a wedding look.

The bride's image should be harmonious

Brides with unusual hair color

Hairstyle is one of the most popular ways to express your inner world. By unusual, we mean a bride’s hair color that you will not encounter “in nature”.

Bride with bright hair

If the bride has a bright hair color, there are two ways to play it up in a wedding look. For example, slightly muffle it with a veil or veil to make the look more harmonious. Or you can use your hair to make a bright accent, support it with some accessory in the same shade: shoes, a belt, flowers and a bouquet, etc.

Bright hair of the bride
Bride with bright hair color

If your hair color is more muted and pastel, you don’t need to do anything special with it. You can also support him with accessories or choose an outfit in a suitable color scheme. If it is light pink or peach coloring, the dress can be chosen in ivory or any other warm shade. If the hair is blue, light green, or lilac, the dress should be in a cool white or pearl color. Ash or steel hair will go well with the gray suit of the groom.

Bride with pastel hair color
Cold hair color

Unusual images of brides with bright hair can be made monochrome altogether. Just so that such a decision is not excessive, the style should be traditional: an ordinary veil, a feminine dress, at least other accents.

Gothic image of the bride in the color of Marsala

Brides with unusual hairstyles

Many wives-to-be make mistakes when choosing a wedding hairstyle. However, owners of short hair can be calm – they are not threatened with such a problem. But the image should be added a little more femininity, since short hair is still associated with a masculine image. If the length allows, the hair can be beautifully styled, adding volume, or left as it is, complementing the hairstyle with a beautiful decoration. If your hair is extremely short, you can beat it with a tiara or a wreath, or leave it as it is, focusing on bright makeup and jewelry.

Short hair and wreath
Wedding styling for short hair
Bride with extremely short hair

Shaved whiskey and mohawks, dreadlocks – all this can also be beautifully presented in a wedding look. Extraordinary brides will not lose their individuality if, for example, dreadlocks are braided into a high bun or other hairstyle.

Beautifully styled dreadlocks as a bride
Mohawk at the bride
Bride with shaved temples

Brides with tattoos

Tattoos, if you correctly compose a wedding image, will not look rude on the bride, they will only add to the appearance of the showiness. Non-standard brides should choose a dress in such a way that all their beautiful drawings are visible, they simply cannot be hidden. If the girl has a jack of all trades, it is better to take the outfit without sleeves, the collarbones and chest should be opened with the help of the neckline, and the back with a deep cut. You can also choose a closed dress if there are so many unusual details in the image: hair color, hairstyle, and piercings. Brides with tattoos look stylish, beautiful and gentle, demonstrate their inner strength and outer fragility.

Dress opens arms
Let the dress reveal the tattoos
Tattoo on the back of the bride

Brides with piercings

Punctures on the face and body do not seem aesthetic to someone, but do not forget that pierced ears are also a type of piercing. Someone goes on and makes “tunnels” in the ears. All this can also be interestingly combined with the image of the bride, it is enough just to replace ordinary earrings with more interesting ones. For example, exchange surgical steel for gold with pearls or diamonds, or choose a more classic earring design. And the image of the bride with piercings will sparkle with new colors.

Bride with piercings
Beautiful piercing earring

The portal www.svadebka.ws reminds us: modern fashion allows us to forget about stereotypes of the bride’s image forever, because today self-expression and disclosure of our “I” are in trend. Now there is no need for bright girls to dye their hair, take off earrings and hide tattoos to look decent in the image of a bride. Harmony and personal satisfaction from appearance are important in everything!