• 27th February 2020

January 25, Chinese New Year awaits you, which is called the Spring Festival in your homeland! On this date, it is customary to give each other gifts as a sign of attention, to express respect and sympathy. And the main symbol of the holiday is a bright vibrant tangerine tree. In China, they believe that paired numbers are lucky, so choose a pair of fragrant citrus presentations to please the symbol of the year – the Do Not Sleep bomb for the soul and the Energy Charge for the body.

And the Lush citrus burst in the shower will melt your winter apathy and drive away the gloom!


An uneven entry made up of clouded minds and slow limbs will turn into a stunning rhapsody of Sicilian lemon, lime and Brazilian orange, which will simply lift you above this gray cold gloom. You will have to make an effort not to get excited by the crescendo from the fresh tartness of lemongrass with accents that improve the mood of neroli. Forward! Show the new year what you are capable of.


Move the mountains. Fight apathy. Send a dose of vital citrus directly to your skin. This aroma will be like a lightning strike: the pulp of an orange is electrically tart when inhaled, but when applied to the body it is smooth, like butter, thanks to a base made from Colombian cocoa butter.


Give your skin a boosted charge of refreshing oranges and grapefruit pulp, reload the mind with a perfume composition so fresh that you can taste it. Motivation has never smelled so good!

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