• 2nd August 2020

Go on an exciting journey along the west coast of California? Why not! Everything is possible in your fantasies, especially with the support of the right aroma. Everything is possible today! Release yourself and give free rein to dreams: your feelings today are a blank canvas. Pink clouds and a warm wind must be above your head if you want to. And no one will dare to condemn you!


Femininity can be different – sophisticated and refined, luxurious and sensual, cheerful and cheerful! Do you like vivid experiments? For romantics, the Louis Vuitton brand introduced the California Dream fragrance from the Les Colognes line.

The source of inspiration for the perfumer was the picturesque summer sunsets: a combination of blue sky, weightless clouds and pink sunset rays found reflection among the notes of mandarin, musk, ambrette and benzoin.


The secret of female affection for powdery tones is obvious: they are beautiful, unusual plants and birds are painted in them, and aesthetics are close to a girl's heart. The idea of ​​perfumer Jacques Cavallier is to contrast explosive freshness with soft chords, to create feminine warmth, shrouded in freshness.

California Dream is the fourth in the perfume line of the brand Les Colognes Louis Vuitton. It fits into the existing summer trilogy: Sun Song – a floral solar arrangement, Cactus Garden – a citrus bouquet from a secret garden and Afternoon Swim – unexpected notes of the ocean.


The perfume is presented in a pink-blue glass bottle, reminiscent of the special sunsets on the coast.

To design the bottle and packaging, the Fashion House turned to the American artist Alex Israel, who worked on the previous aromas of the line.

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