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Classic and trendy jacket – a win-win wedding manicure for the bride

Classic and trendy jacket – a win-win wedding manicure for the bride

Every detail counts for the perfect look. Therefore, the bride needs to pay due attention not only to the outfit and accessories, but also to the manicure. On a magical and long-awaited wedding day, the newlywed’s manicure should be flawless and harmoniously combined with the outfit and style of the celebration.

Wedding French manicure

In almost every wedding photo, you can see a jacket in various variations on the bride’s nails. This once again confirms its incredible popularity as a wedding manicure. It remains loved by brides for many years thanks to its delicate combination of pastel pink and beige tones with crisp white color. Various decor options allow you to create a unique and inimitable finish on your nails. The team of wedding portal Svadebka.ws will tell you about all the intricacies of wedding nail design and types of service jacket.

French manicure on almond-shaped nails

Wedding jacket on nails of different shapes

A wedding jacket can be made on nails of any shape. But before choosing French options, you should figure out which nail shape is right for you. The main forms of nails that experts advise for a wedding manicure:

  1. Almond shape – perfect for hands of varying body size. In combination with a jacket, it will help to visually lengthen the fingers and give them grace. The almond shape is not suitable for short nails.
  2. Beautiful jacket on long nails
  3. Oval shape – a wedding jacket on nails of this shape will add sophistication and aristocracy to the bride’s image. This shape is suitable for nails of different lengths.
  4. French manicure for a wedding
  5. Square shape – was originally invented specifically for a French manicure, and many nail masters consider it ideal for these purposes. But it is worth remembering that the square shape of the nails visually shortens the fingers.
  6. Charming wedding jacket
    Wedding jacket for the bride
  7. Ballerina nail shape – This is a variant of square nails, slightly tapered at the tips.
  8. French manicure with a beautiful pattern
  9. Form “stilettos” – long sharp nails. Wedding French manicure on the “stiletto” shape is suitable for extravagant and extraordinary personalities. But this option has long and for a long time gone out of fashion, like the “ballerina”.
Wedding manicure stiletto

For the durability of the manicure, we recommend using gel polish or powder. But it is better to refuse from long extended nails. They have long been entrenched in the list of anti-trends of the bride’s image. Laconicism, elegance and naturalness are in fashion today.

Wedding French manicure on short nails

Wedding french: popular nail design options

The classic wedding white jacket is chosen by girls who prefer brevity and restraint. It is distinguished by a complete lack of decor. But in this case, experiments with the form of “smile” are possible. It can be not only semicircular, but also triangular, asymmetrical or with an ombre effect.

French - a classic of wedding manicure

In addition to the classics, there are many original and romantic options for French manicure. Today, nail designers are able to create a unique wedding manicure for the bride, experimenting with a decorative addition to the jacket. For decorating a jacket, they use: glitter, stamping, stones, rhinestones, beads, foil, rubbing in an adhesive tape and other decorations.

Wedding manicure with lace

Lace is one of the most delicate and beautiful fabrics for a wedding dress. The continuation of the lace theme on the bride’s nails can be a great addition to an exciting and romantic look. The lace pattern in the wedding French manicure can be drawn both by hand and with the help of stamping: both options look great both in reality and in the photo.

Delicate jacket with a light lace pattern
Wedding jacket with lace pattern

Reverse jacket for a wedding

In the reverse jacket, the white line is not the edge of the nail, but its base. The colors of the wedding manicure are the same as in the classic version. The reverse jacket has been in fashion for several seasons. He is preferred by creative individuals who want to look original.

Wedding Manicure - Reverse French

French with rhinestones

Rhinestones and stones in manicure will add shine and festivity to a wedding jacket. Experts recommend choosing rhinestones of different sizes, and focusing on 1-2 nails. It is wise to decorate the ring fingers. Rhinestones can be combined with beads and stones. But remember that everything should be in moderation. Excessive decor will look pretentious and ridiculous. Stylists claim that one nail with rhinestones is equal to a full-fledged decoration, so you should not overload the image with jewelry.

Modeling or volumetric drawing in combination with a jacket

With the help of sculpting, you can create voluminous flowers, bows and other elements on the nails. It is made with acrylic and special powder. If modeling is no longer in demand for everyday manicure, then it is still popular for a wedding jacket. An alternative to sculpting is a volumetric drawing – a fashionable trend in recent seasons. It looks best in various patterns.

Wedding jacket with voluminous floral decor

Geometric wedding nail design

A bridal white jacket with a geometric design is a stylish addition to the understated look of the modern bride. It is characterized by exclusively straight lines and brevity.

Geometric wedding jacket

Colored wedding jacket

Fashionable wedding trends are designed to break the stereotypes of the bride’s image. This also applies to wedding manicure. Today, a bride can safely choose a wedding jacket with rich shades, for example, to match the color of a wedding or wedding accessories. Another spectacular option is a classic jacket with a bright floral pattern.

Colored French manicure
Black and white French manicure

The above examples are just a small part of the possible manicure options that the www.svadebka.ws portal can offer you. By experimenting with designs and decor elements, you can create a stunning jacket that will delight you at a wedding and in wedding photos. This requires a little inspiration and a good manicure master.