• 7th April 2020

Daniel Arsham turns the Dior saddle bag into a “future relic”

Daniel Arsham turns the Dior saddle bag into a “future relic” After launching a clothing collection and a series of artworks in collaboration with Dior, Daniel Arsham introduced a sculptural prototype of a Dior Saddle bag. The snow-white relic is a continuation of the artist's Future Relic series, which shows how household items will become archaeological discoveries in a future, gloomy world. Arsham's erosion treatment is based on a bag with white crystals.

Like other art objects created by Arsham for Dior, including a basketball, watch, phone and book, the saddle bag resembles an archaeological relic, while preserving the distinctive characteristics of the Dior brand.

“It was a great idea, but it was never realized,” Arsham explains via Instagram. – Maybe once…"

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