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Maria and Igor


Igor and Masha wanted guests to be the main characters of their wedding party. The main task was to give them an unforgettable and interesting experience that day.


Deconstruction project this is an attempt to re-invent the usual rituals as if they never existed, from scratch, taking the avant-garde as partners the beginning of a NEW art. Make a manifesto wedding, statement wedding, opening wedding. Having disassembled the very idea of ​​a wedding into bricks in order to build something new out of them.


The entire space is divided into many rooms, in each of which a certain immersive action, play or performance takes place, involving the audience. Each performance is dedicated to zeroing, deconstructing the usual stereotypes, trying to get rid of unnecessary things and feel something important. The decor here does not carry the function of decoration. His first priority fill each zone with meaning, give each participant the opportunity to be convinced and feel the palette of emotions.

Organizer: Feerique Event & Emotions, Winner of the Wedding Awards 2019 in the nomination Best Wedding Agency.

Concept and decor: Feerique Event & Emotions

Photo: Sergey Zaporozhets.

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