• 4th June 2020

Do you like sports records and do not like to look pale and tired? Designers came up with beauty products that last 3 times longer on the face than regular products. Apply in 2 minutes 30 seconds – and you are beautiful! The whole secret is in the colors and formulas that you want to experience immediately, as soon as the powder, eyeshadow and lipstick of the most delicate texture fall into your hands. A record of beauty and stamina is ready to be beaten! To be beautiful and well-groomed is something that will always remain in fashion, especially since one does not interfere with the other!

Dior presents the summer collection of Color Games 2020 cosmetics, inspired not by tropical fruits and flowers, but by sports!

Two shades of 5 Couleurs Color Games are bright new items in the collection, and they will be especially relevant in the summer of 2020. Blue, pink and orange shades remind of pools, tennis courts and sports tracks. This is the makeup that matches your busy summer life!

Design of new products in the corporate style of Dior: geometric pattern in the form of a logo of interwoven letters.

A versatile palette with a double shade Diorshow Color & Contour will appeal to those who do not like to keep too many beauty products in a cosmetic bag. The palette is basic, which is very convenient. New – eyeliner and concealer in one pencil.

The collection is supplemented with Dior Forever Summer Skin powders: despite the light liquid texture, the products will help even out the tone of the face. They will last without problems on the skin for 24 hours, even in the heat.


A little more "about the face": the new Diorskin Mineral Nude bronze will create a light shade of tan on the face. The powder is decorated with a ribbed pattern that resembles the layout of a sports field.

Of course, the new makeup line cannot do without “bright” summer shades: for example, Dior Lip Tattoo with enviable durability and bright saturated shades, as well as shiny nail polishes in two colors – orange and pink.

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