• 7th April 2020

Tonic is part of the everyday beauty routine of many girls, and they claim that it is he who helps them to keep their skin fresh, rested and moisturized. This is something like a primer that creates a base that allows ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin after it is cleansed. It is better to use products immediately after washing to restore a healthy complexion, restore the pH of the skin and raise the beauty routine to a new, more effective level.

The use of cosmetic brands and manufacturers is constantly improving the formulas of such products, which is why Swjournal will reveal its secrets.

What is tonic? How and when to use it? What are its advantages – learn in today's article ♥



The advantage of tonics is their moisturizing effect, so the use of this beauty product should be considered, first of all, for girls with very dry skin.

Tonic is a liquid cosmetic product similar to ordinary water, which gives the skin a lot of benefits: from refreshing your face to restoring the pH level of your skin and narrowing your pores.

Tonic you prepare the skin for the application of other cosmetics, which is a part of your beauty routine, for example, face cream.

It fights dryness, as it has a high moisturizing ability, and is also suitable for skin prone to acne, as it narrows the pores without clogging them.

The tonic can serve as a mild exfoliating agent – it cleanses and removes dead cells.



It is recommended to use the tonic twice a day, after washing and before applying serum or cream.


There are three ways to use a tonic depending on its type.

– Apply to a cotton pad and wipe their face;
– Spray the skin with a tonic spray;
– Use your fingers by gently tapping them on the face until the product is completely absorbed.

Then you can use other cosmetics.



On the face, neck and décolleté for a uniform and radiant appearance of your skin.

What types of tonics can you find with brands?

– Moisturizing toner for dry skin;
– Stimulating tonic – softens the skin and evens out its tone;
– Astringent tonic controls sebum secretion and tightens pores;
– Soothing tonic protects sensitive skin;
– Tonic with acids is suitable for those who are looking for natural products. It nourishes the skin with antioxidants and accelerates its renewal, as it contains fruit acids. Such a product works wonders, it acts delicately, and after a few days of use it visibly evens out the color and texture of the epidermis.

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Moisturizing tonic brand ILONA LUNDEN organic restores skin pH and fills force 24 natural ingredients that protect cells from mikrostressov caused by negative influence of environmental pollution. The product neutralizes the effects of hard water, removes magnesium and calcium salts that are retained after rinsing with tap water.



Tonic is an important stage in your beauty routine, especially in the summer, which will help get rid of problems with the skin, its dryness or clogged pores.

It is affordable and probably is in the nearest pharmacy, and given the various options and ways that you can use it, you can choose the one that suits you.

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