Fashionable color of the season: ideas for manicure

No matter how popular the classic and laconic manicure, but after self-isolation and living within four walls, closed beauty salons and manicure rooms, many want to try the most incredible ideas nail art

Summer and warm weather seem to make you show off the brightest, most stylish and eye-catching manicure, although you shouldn’t go overboard. Yes, this year you can decide on colorful and space patterns on fingernails, but they must also be modest and graceful.

Swjournal offers ideas for a topical manicure for your nails.

French manicure will always be relevant and fashionable, this gentle and romantic option will not become outdated, like floral motifs in the fashion industry. But in the current season, you can experiment with textures and bright colors, for example, try decorating a jacket with neon accents. Multicolored edges or monochrome – choose what makes you a disco star.

You will not be able to get away from flower patterns in manicure. To refresh the classic version, layer bright buds over transparent textures.

An example that will appeal to both lovers of the classics and those who follow modern trends. Everyone loves soft pastel shades for their versatility and calmness. Play with contrasting colors on your nails or do monochrome nail art for a stylish look.

Girls will always return to geometric minimalism. There is something clear, simple and attractive about clean lines and symmetry. Go for tiny designs, and use neutral shades with bold accents.

One way to show your imagination is to try philosophical nail art, where prints or famous examples of world painting will be used as inspiration. Although, you should not decorate each nail with a miniature of a classic painting – sometimes one accent is enough.

Girls with taste will never indulge in ultra-modern options for nail art, metal decor, kamifubuki or broken glass effect. But just the variants of chrome, neon and pastel gradient are popular among trendsetters and on Instagram. And you have to decide if you accept such ideas. If the classic suits you more, then feel free to choose red, pastel and floral manicure options.

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