• 4th June 2020

Fragrances associated with spring and romance do not go out of fashion for many centuries. And when the lilac and white flowers of lilac bloom, there is nothing better than combining their fresh aroma with perfume “in tone”. This is the real spring sound: floral, melting excitement of the approaching summer.

Lilac notes, unlike tuberose, rose or jasmine, are not so popular. Plus, compositions with them during the flowering of living trees may not be entirely appropriate. For example, in the spring in Japan it is considered inappropriate to wear a kimono with a pattern of blossoming sakura, and in the fall – choose a kimono with yellow and red leaves. Why argue with nature?

But we are not in Japan. And not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the aromas of lilac, sitting in the office, away from nature. In Russia, this flower does not need advertising: it is always recognized and everyone loves it. Plus, the flowering of the bush does not last long, so you can make up for this shortcoming with the help of perfumes.

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The theme of lilac affects many perfume houses: from Dior to Guerlain. The classic is the oriental floral arrangement Tresor by Lancome, where the flower chords are re-opened with bergamot, fruity notes, rose, lily of the valley and sandalwood. But there are other sounds: as in nature, lilac becomes more intense surrounded by lilies, flowers of orange, tulip, mimosa, jasmine … But nothing prevents perfumers from experimenting, combining lilacs with notes of cucumber or wheat, pink pepper and ambergris. Perfumers have always used floral notes. But if today they are removed artificially, then before the composition had natural essential oils in its composition.

It seems that these flowers are sophisticated and delicate, but in perfume it absorbs the rest of the components. Therefore, composition is important where the ingredients form a balanced and harmonious weave.

Christian Dior Diorissimo

Lilac Path by Aerin Lauder

Lilac Path - Aerin

Lilac bushes growing in the garden of the perfumer’s grandmother inspired her to create such a composition. It contains notes of galbanum, angelica, jasmine and orange flowers. Such a complex gives memories of the summer, it allows you to store spring on the dressing tables and enjoy its smell in the winter.

Eau de toilette with a lilac aroma is suitable for both mature women and young women. She will help everyone understand how charming she is, and will give a positive mood for the whole day, will charge you with joy and calm your nerves. It is suitable not only for the office, but also for everyday life, positively influencing attention and memory.

But not every girl decides to wear it, because such compositions require decisiveness and self-confidence. And the bitterness of hydrocyanic acid makes the sound bold and even defiant.

Gucci Guilty Intense

Gucci Guilty Intense by Gucci for Women

Perfume is suitable for bright and courageous ladies who love to enjoy every second of life. The combination of mandarin with heliotrope and violet, pink pepper with hints of lilac made it spicy and sensual. And the motifs of patchouli and ambergris leaves in a train increase its provocation.

Guerlain Idylle Love Blossom

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Fashion house Thierry Wasser proposed the idea of ​​flowering love. A bottle of toilet water repeats the curves of the female body, and the contents reveal its sophisticated character.

Light floral perfume contains lilac, lychee, Bulgarian rose. In a whirlwind of “heart” notes – sensual jasmine, the base – velvety patchouli leaves and tart musk.

A Lilac Day Vilhelm Parfumerie

Vilhelm Parfumerie a lilac a day

The fragrance of 2016 was created on the basis of natural raw materials. He is intoxicating with lilac shades, a bouquet of freesia, galbanum, jasmine, fragrant roses and ambergris.

In the center of the composition is everyone’s favorite flower, a symbol of the first moments of love that attracts spring.

Eclat d’Arpege Lanvin

Lanvin Eclat D`Arpege

Floral-fruity aroma of 2002, the successor to the sound, which at that time turned 75 years old. Perfumer Albert Elbaz tried to make the melody fresher and younger: crystal drops of morning dew on the blossoming petals of plants. At the beginning, notes of tea and lilac inflorescences are heard, followed by peach color and a noble peony. And in the final, the ace awaits a train of coniferous cedar, languid ambergris and osmanthus.

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Photo: Press materials

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