• 3rd August 2020

If you are waiting for an important meeting or you plan to go on a journey filled with carelessness, spending hours on the beach and pleasant, idle idleness, without thinking about how your hair, skin or nails look, it would be nice to choose cosmetics that can withstand test vacation or lack of civilization. For example, long-lasting, durable nail polishes can make your life easier.

It is not by chance that gel polish is gaining popularity day by day. With the same manicure, you can bathe and use detergents without fear of chips and cracks in the nails.

There are a few tricks that can help nail polish last longer.

Persistent manicure

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It is advisable that your nails be shorter, then there is less risk that they will break off or delaminate. In this case, when applying nail polish, you should use the base and top coat. And of course, it is better to look for products with gel formulas. Gel polish will not harm your nails when applied correctly.

The strength of the varnish largely depends on polymerization – the process by which the molecules of a substance combine. Completely gel polish takes about an hour. In this case, with ordinary varnish, you will have to spend about 2 hours on complete drying.

The gel manicure, which is done in the salon, has compositions that create very strong bonds when exposed to LED lamps. Therefore, the gel may look flawless for several weeks. The gel polish contains chemical polymer compounds that thicken when exposed to UV rays, thanks to this manicure lasts up to 21 days.

When applying gel polish, the nail is protected from the mechanical effects of the external environment. The varnish prevents chips, deformation or delamination.

On the other hand, a real gel manicure is expensive and not particularly useful for your hands. And it is not surprising that masters and those who are interested in nail art are following the development of technology and are actively using innovations and the appearance of gel formulas among classic nail polishes.

These formulations are either “self-curing” or combined with a special coating that creates a chemical reaction for a sustainable manicure.

Another advantage of gel nail polishes is that they are applied and removed as easily as traditional beauty products, and without soaking in acetone or aluminum foil for a long time. After removal, such a nail looks healthy and smooth.


We present options for long-lasting gel nail polishes that will allow you to withstand the summer tests of the sea, the sun, the wind and the absence of nail salons within a radius of several kilometers. A large selection of colors is surprising and pleasing. And so that the manicure delivers only positive emotions, you should do it with a certified master.

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