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Guerlain Iris Torrefie

Guerlain Iris Torrefie

Welcome to the world of contrasts – Paris! In the old part of the city, on the left bank and the Ile Saint-Louis, you can hear old motives, but the intricate streets already lead you to the bright avenues. Experience the unique and mysterious beauty of France. Passion, magic and dream. Rich patterns, beauty of metal and noble aromas, favorite natural colors and shapes, natural materials and floral romance. Enjoy fashion trends and classic harmony!

And to help your imagination, Guerlain has announced Iris Torréfié from the L’Art & La Matière collection.

A unisex perfume for both men and women, this is a new fragrance in 2020, which will be on sale in September.


Iris Torrefie exudes powdery floral notes and a spicy coffee aroma. According to the idea of ​​the creator of the fragrance, perfumer Terry Wasser, the composition Iris Coffee will remind you of the cult cafes of Paris, with lively terraces filled with people and a fragrant invigorating drink. If you are inspired by classics, history and secretly believe that you were born in the wrong country, then try to recreate the atmosphere of Montmartre in your home.

Top notes: coffee, cardamom;

Middle notes: iris oil, ambrette oil;

Base notes: vanilla, tea, leather.


A romantic combination will be an option for those who miss the slightly dusty atmosphere of Europe. Surround yourself with French-inspired items, as well as aromatic novelties and items with history. The design of the Iris Torrefie bottle is reminiscent of a luxurious hardcover book, it is presented in a delicate coffee shade, with a metal insert in a gold shade.

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