• 27th February 2020

Want to dye your hair and do it at home, not in the salon? If you are not a stylist or professional, then follow the mistakes that are often found in this process.

Swjournal suggests finding out what mistakes should be avoided before changing hair color at home ♥

You do not read the instructions


Each color has a unique chemical composition, so they have certain rules for use. You should read the instructions to get the desired shade. This chemical mixture and its components interact under certain conditions. Sometimes these are small nuances, which does not negate the fact that you should familiarize yourself with them before applying the paint.

Allergy test

An allergy test should be carried out each time before applying the pigment. You need to apply a small amount of the substance to a small part of the skin at the elbow. Wait 15 minutes, rinse off the paint and observe the skin for 48 hours. If an allergic reaction, rash, itching, or burning occurs during this time, you should not use such a beauty product.

Wrong time


The application process should take about 10-15 minutes, and after application, count the color retention time on the hair. It is very important that the color is what it should be on the strands. If you hold the paint for too long, the shade will not become more intense, but this can damage the hair. A short shutter speed will also lead to poor color.

Hair dye preparation

The way you prepare the paint also affects the final effect of the procedure. The ingredients must be combined in the right proportion. Remember that the finished paint quickly oxidizes, darkens, swells and loses its properties. In this situation, it is worth splitting the dyeing mixture into two parts, the first part is used for hair roots, the second for ends. When preparing the paint, do not forget to dilute it well so that the lumps disappear. It is better to mix color in glass, plastic or ceramic containers. The metal may react with the oxidizing agent and interfere with the staining process.

Color Errors


Before staining, look at the condition of your hair. Damaged strands should not be painted, as this can lead to split ends, brittleness and loss.

Before choosing a color, make sure that the curls are moistened. Use a balm, restore the structure of the hair, and only then begin dyeing.

It is important how you color your hair. Start from the middle of the head, then move towards the ends, because the skin there is the warmest. If you want to color the roots, then start with them, and then move on to the rest of the hair.

Do not forget to take care of the scalp. Use balms, masks and products specially designed for colored strands.

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