Horoscope for August: astrological forecast for all signs of the zodiac

Astrologer Victoria Vladykina prepared for Wedding readers a general forecast and recommendations for August 2020 for each zodiac sign. Look for your zodiac sign and read what the stars have in store for you this summer.

General forecast for August

August 2020 promises many a trip to unforgettable impressions from autumn 2020, it will create preconditions for representatives of different zodiac signs for life situations, the development of which everyone will see in autumn 2020, so it is important not to miss the tips this month.


For Aries, born from 6 April to 19 April, a crazy period is coming. Activity, dynamism, energy, pressure, efficiency are still striving forward, but they fight against obstacles in the form of unsuccessfully developing circumstances of life, lack of time, resistance from superiors, criticality and high standards. As a result, activity develops into mania, pressure – into conflict, self-esteem flies up and down. Aries are more focused than ever on the desire to prove what they are worth. Cons: things won’t go smoothly, good news: you won’t give up. Autumn is going to be dynamic, explosive, but productive, if you use the following tips: evaluate your strengths sensibly, approach business not spontaneously, but in an organized way, do not fall into despair, follow the saying “Persistence is 19 failures and success on 20 attempts.”

Aries who were born in a different time intervalwill be very contact, sociable, self-confident this month. The urge to speak will be higher than the urge to listen to and understand what others are saying, so it is best to use this time for public speaking. Aries catches information on the fly, so it’s a good time to learn. All Aries need to lead an active lifestyle this month.


Taurus, born from 6 May to 20 May, show patience and perseverance, practicality and business acumen – this will help you achieve your goal in the fall of 2020. It is especially good for you to start any long-term projects now. It is worth establishing relations with the management, taking on the duties of the “chief”.

For all Taurus August is a good time to do beauty, aesthetics, and also remember about a hobby. Many Taurus are going to be especially charming and attractive now. Now you are more focused on yourself and perceive information too subjectively (especially before August 20). Whoever is working now – focus on details and facts, discarding personal attitude to the person or situation. For those who are now resting – do not overload yourself with information, just rest and practice beauty and health.


Twins, born from June 7 to June 20, will get favorable chances to realize what was postponed on the back burner. Free Gemini who were born during this period should now actively communicate with the opposite sex. It’s time for career twins to take action: start a business. The unemployed are looking for work, now there are good prerequisites for this. For those who have long wanted to go in for sports, now is a good time to start. Do not miss the main thing, it is in August that the prerequisites for situations are created for you, where the events of the fall of 2020 depend on your involvement and determination, personal activity and courage. You will love the results!

Twins, who were born from June 18 to June 20, are in a special status: a karmic period is underway and all the circumstances of life literally require decisions from you. The task is to show healthy egoism, to understand what is best for you, without taking into account public interests. For all Gemini, August is the mobile and contact time.


Born in the period from 8 July to 22 July obvious changes in life are expected. It will take a lot of strength from you. Life pushes you to provoke conflicts, especially on socio-cultural grounds. Be careful with the phrase “I can do anything.” The events of August will show you which areas of life will occupy all your strength and energy in the coming autumn.

But for all Cancers in August it is useful to be distracted by your favorite hobbies. Go out of town, to the country house, go to the park more often – this will help relieve stress and improve your mood. For Cancers, outside the above time range, it is favorable to make large purchases, plunge into romance novels, change the image, update the wardrobe.


For all Lviv August is an opportunity to show initiative, to do things in their own way, focusing on the result, and not on a ready-made scheme, the opportunity to show ingenuity and knowledge. August is especially favorable for studies, speaking at conferences, negotiations, consultations. Thanks to such activity, you can meet useful acquaintances, and if you were born in the interval from August 8 to August 22, it is doubly useful to become an initiator in any communication. For people of creative professions, it is a good time to declare themselves.

Minus the month for most representatives of this sign is an overestimation of their own knowledge, excessive criticism of the opinions of others and irritability.


Virgos who were born on September 12 and 13 can become an easy victim for deceivers and manipulators. The rest of the Virgo this month will be judicious, attentive to detail, but subjective.

If you were born from 15 to 22 September, August is a good time to work, prioritize, organize events and your own life. It will be easy for you to set goals and achieve them, focus on long-term and long-term tasks that take time and effort.

General recommendation for all Virgos: Do those things that require a lot of communication, work with details and even fuss. Successfully plan shopping, visit cosmetologists, makeup artists and masseurs. Virgos this month are very endearing and demonstrate a combination of beauty and intelligence.


Libra born from 9 to 22 October, will pick up the stream. Libra will feel irritability, painful blows to pride and even conflict. There will be no surge of strength. Take care of time management: allocate time for work and do not forget about rest. Pay attention to health. Better to postpone extreme recreation and entertainment, now is not the best time for tattoos, piercings and planned surgeries.

Libra, that do not fall within the specified time range, successful August for any intellectual activity. It is a good time to conclude agreements, show diplomatic skills, find compromise solutions, communicate a lot. Move and read more. Today it is better to trust reason and facts than intuition.


Be strict, tough this month. This is especially true for those who were born during the period from 10 to 20 November… You should pay attention to long-term and long-term plans, it is good if they will be related to work and promotion. If you’re not working, August is the right place to start. The main recommendation this month is to build a strategy, focus on the main thing. There is a chance to catch luck by the tail, and for many it will result in financial gain.

Most Scorpios will be distracting and annoying little things. Don’t take other people’s words personally, don’t look for double meanings.

It is worth betting on appearance: a good suit and sexuality will help in business and personal matters. For love relationships, important purchases, successful investments, August is the right month.


For Sagittarius, whose date of birth falls between December 8-21, August will prove to be a very productive period. You are active, in good shape, decisive and will not give up on your own. Feel free to take on any projects, autumn 2020 will be a bright and dynamic time for you.

Sagittarius, born on December 12 and 13, should be more careful with decisions – you are now under the influence of Neptune and important changes are taking place imperceptibly for you.

Sagittarius who were born from 18 to 20 December… Your circumstances of life are seasoned with a sauce called karma. If you feel that something is not going in life, then your task is to put aside your interests, to reconsider the actions dictated by the ego. And if before that you successfully coped with the karmic load of the horoscope, then in August you will receive gratitude from the Universe in the form of pleasant gifts of fate.

Generally for all Sagittarius August is a favorable period to demonstrate your knowledge, talents and skills. After August 20, Sagittarius, who were born in the first decade of their sign, will feel that small matters distract from more global tasks, and others will begin to annoy.


Capricorns whose dates of birth fall within the period January 6-19should keep a close eye on the events of August, as this is your turbulence zone for the upcoming fall 2020. It seems to you that there are too many tasks to be solved and it is difficult to keep up with the rhythm of life. Many Capricorns will undergo global changes in their lives: job changes, lack of stability. But there are pluses: the change is now for the better for you. It is worth approaching a bad mood and difficult emotional backgrounds from the point of view of science and contacting a psychologist. Focus not on your personal life, but on yourself: on your achievements, health.

For all Capricorns large purchases are not recommended this month. Work on your daily routine, prioritization and add more water treatments.


If you were born during the period from 5 to 18 February, for you August is a good period for activity. Have you wanted to play sports for a long time? Right now. Interested in work? Don’t wait, take the initiative. In personal and business relationships, you need to be persistent – this will not spoil the impression of you. Now many people will appreciate your humor, personality and ability to express yourself in a team. For Aquarius born in a different time period, August will not create special prerequisites for the upcoming fall 2020. You should deal with current affairs and be less distracted. Breathing exercises and walking are perfect.


Born in the period from 8 to 18 March, there will be opportunities to discipline yourself, become more serious and organized. The main task of the month is to set priorities, do not be afraid to become an organizer, take on additional functionality. If there is an opportunity to study, get a higher education, raise your status.

For those who were born March 10 and 11, the most successful method in any business is the immersion method. Develop intuition, visualize, believe in miracles.

For all Pisces a great time to get carried away with what you love, go to a photo session, to your favorite cafe. It’s worth being creative, changing your style and winning over people in non-verbal ways.

The best forecast is the one that consists of individual formulas of a personal horoscope.

Author: Victoria Vladykina.

Photo: Marina Fadeeva.

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