• 28th July 2020

Perfume is your soul mate, even if we are talking about beauty routine and the use of aroma mechanically, when in the morning you rush to a familiar bottle in a hurry before work. Even in a light cloud of flowers, it becomes part of your I, a special tool that conveys the mood and properties of your character.

The aroma instantly raises morale and gives self-confidence, and some notes can take you back to the precious moments in your memory when you wore a certain smell on your skin. He is able to brighter convey your state and fill yourself with special moments of life.

Given that the choice of aroma is subjective, women often perceive it as a small work of art, which each person transforms, delivers in a unique way, thanks to the warmth of his skin and its natural smell.



When it comes to odor testing, experts say it's best to try it on your skin. Be careful – do not use more than three flavors alternately, and keep in mind that you will only know the perfume after it opens on you ten to fifteen minutes after application.

Perfume notes


Each nuance in the fragrant composition is an independent, isolated element, but together they create a unique combination that can awaken all the senses, like the notes in the music.

When it comes to perfume, they usually talk about its top, middle and base notes.


When perfumes only touch your skin or when you apply them on a blotter, the notes that you feel first are the top notes. Then follow the middle or middle notes of the heart, which create a fragrance and can stay on the skin for up to two hours. And the base notes are the most persistent, and they stay with you the longest.

How and where to apply perfume?


You should apply perfume to those areas of the skin where the pulse is felt: behind the ears, at the base of the neck, on the inside of the elbows, under the knees, at the navel or on the wrist above the palms of the hands.

The fragrances stay on the hair for a very long time, but it dries them, so you need to use those beauty products that have been developed specifically for your curls.


You should not combine and simultaneously apply different products with fragrances and odors, for example, it is better to refuse flavored body cream if you are going to use a perfume.

And do not rub the place on the skin where you sprayed the perfumery water – the body will turn red and warm, and the smell will change its properties!

Where to store?


Since certain odors can change structure under the influence of light, high temperature and humidity, it is recommended to store them in the original packaging in a chest of drawers.

Different types of products


The difference between perfumery and eau de toilette is precisely in the concentration of the extract, which is why in the beauty world there are perfumes, perfumery and eau de toilette, as well as cologne. In the first case, the highest concentration of aroma, most often about 15-30% of the extract, which gives a very intense aroma that remains on the skin for a long time. Therefore, they are presented in miniature bottles.

Perfumed water is a popular concentration of aroma, usually it contains about 10-20% of the extract. For the same reason, it is cheaper than classic perfumes and comes in large packages.


As for cologne, it contains up to 5% of perfume extract in decreasing order.

And eau de toilette stores about 4-10% of perfume extract and it is suitable for daily use, because it has a soft composition and low intensity in comparison with perfumes.

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