• 27th June 2020

At one time, the appearance of the highlighter became a beauty revolution and influenced the techniques of creating day and evening makeup. He magically collected all the advantages of bronzers, rouge and even primers in one small product (but, of course, you sometimes use them as well), and now nothing will give you such a youthful and fresh look like a pair of shining highlights on cheekbones after applying the main part of the make-up.

But the highlighter can be applied not only to the cheekbones, but also to many other points on the face to create a make-up similar to the works of famous makeup artists.


Next time, depending on the shape of your face and the desired effect after applying a primer, foundation, powder and to create a radiant flawless make-up, experiment and try applying a highlighter to the corners of the eyes or to the tip of the nose, to the center or along the edges of the forehead to see how much it changes your reflection in the mirror.

Nasal bridge and nose

Highlighting this area of ​​your face will make your nose visually thinner.

Lip area


Try to apply a cosmetic product on this area to make lips more voluminous, and also emphasize the gloss and color of lipstick.

Under the eyebrow

Applying a highlighter under the eyebrows will emphasize their shape, as well as make the eyes brighter and more expressive.

Over the eyebrow

You can make an additional emphasis on the eyes by adding a drop of radiance and above the eyebrows – this also emphasizes their shape.



You should often apply a damp sheen to the cheekbones – so you hone the lines of your face and its shape, give your skin a young and rested look.

Forehead center

This trick will also help emphasize the shape of the face.

The chin


Final touches – a few touches with a brush or pencil to the chin. This may seem like a minor action, but it will give a finished look to the makeup.

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Photo: Bonjour.ba

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