• 27th February 2020

To keep your skin healthy and beautiful in the fall, it is important that you adapt your beauty routine to changing weather: dry air in the apartment and cold outside. September, like any other time of the year, requires a special approach, so you should refresh your cosmetics bag for the rainy season, wind and temperature changes.

What to look for in the autumn months?


If your skin is not very sensitive, then in the fall any sulfate-free cleansers will be appropriate: from micellar water to water-based gels. Girls with sensitive skin are better off staying on mousses and foams, whose delicate and light textures will help to avoid a feeling of skin tightening and dryness.

Increase hydration


Despite the fact that true colds will come only in October-November, the epidermis will require additional attention in the first autumn days. This will be due to the past sunny and warm summer: after it, the skin will be dry, sensitive after the active summer sun and will need to be restored. It is also important that any type of skin can become sensitive in the fall.

The cold months adversely affect your skin – the outside air is cold and the inside is cold, so you must be careful to moisturize your skin. A lack of moisture will dry it even more, even on cold days, so be sure to avoid foods that worsen the situation: after drying the epidermal surface layer, it will be difficult for the skin to perform a protective function.

You can choose a cream with a dense texture, and with them to think about the coming winter. Pay attention to the nutrition of the skin with vitamins, for example, active A, C, E.

Once a week peeling

Regular exfoliation is a key moment in the care of face and body skin, in which you remove dead cells from the surface layer of the skin and thereby release it. After this pleasant procedure, it will become healthy, soft, supple and radiant. Turn peeling into a beauty routine!

Watch the temperature of the water


Hot water flushes sebum from the skin and additionally dries it, which is a common cause of eczema and inflammation. Therefore, in the cold months, take a shower and wash with warm water, the temperature of which should not exceed 43 degrees.

Continue to use SPF protection factor

The fact that the sun is getting weaker does not mean that its rays still do not harm your skin. Therefore, it is important that you continue to use drugs with a protective factor and additionally protect your face and hands.

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