How to get rid of freckles permanently?

Red specks on the face freckles came into vogue in the early 60s, largely due to the Twiggy model. Since then, almost every spring, they become the main beauty trend, however, closer to autumn, girls dream of getting rid of them as soon as possible.

Together with Daria Glazunova, the founder of the SKY ESTET clinic of aesthetic medicine Swjournal decided to find out what freckles are and how to get rid of the sun pigment on the face and body.

Daria Glazunova

Freckles (also called ephelids) are small pigment spots on the face that appear on skin along with an excess of melanin. They are not classified as defects or damage, and they are often found in people with a light skin tone and light brown or red hair… They can be recognized by their characteristic clear specks of copper or light brown.

Reasons for the appearance

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Freckles are often caused by a hereditary factor, but there are other reasons for their occurrence:

– Hormonal imbalance;
– Refusal of cosmetics with SPF protection:
– Frequent stress and nervous strain;
– Excess of a number of vitamins in the diet;
– Frequent exfoliation procedures that damage the skin.

How to get rid of


Many resign themselves to such a feature of the skin, especially since freckles periodically become a fashion trend. In particular, now some manufacturers of flash tattoos are making stickers with gold scattering. Of course, in most cases this does not require treatment, but more often they cause psychological discomfort and do not seem aesthetic on porcelain skin, so most people dream of getting rid of them.

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Plus, it’s no secret that with age, the skin renews itself much more slowly than in youth, and no longer forgives sunburn without the use of protective agents. Freckles and age spots appear not only on the face, but also on the hands, in the form of the so-called “buckwheat”. Therefore, in the struggle for youth and wanting to hide age-related changes on the skin, ladies strive to get rid of spots on their hands or shoulders.

The main ways to get rid of freckles


Folk or cosmetics

Parsley infusions, cucumber and lemon masks and other “grandmother’s” recipes can help in the fight against freckles, but do not expect a quick effect from such procedures. Many experts recommend using bleaching products. In their composition, hydroquinone is most often found – an ingredient that suppresses the production of melanin and brightens darkened areas of the skin. However, such a remedy can cause unwanted dryness, inflammation, discoloration of the epidermis, and even lead to chemical burns.

Chemical peeling

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This is a very effective procedure. However, it should be understood that after this procedure a chemical burn will appear on the skin, which means redness, itching, inflammation, in which keratinized skin particles, in which freckles are formed, will peel off for a long time.

Laser techniques

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This is the most fashionable and innovative way to get rid of freckles. The reason for choosing such a procedure is obvious: unlike folk and cosmetic products, the technique gives a permanent effect, is safe and easily tolerated, which cannot be said about chemical peeling. This technique can be used not only on the face, but also on the whole body: back, chest and arms.

In addition, the procedure completely eliminates the risk of infection, scarring, and scarring. Removal of freckles with a laser – a point effect on a selected area of ​​the skin with ultra-short light flashes. An impulse directed to the place of accumulation of melanin destroys cells by heating them. Depending on the intensity of their color, location and size, it may take up to 5-6 sessions to get rid of the spots completely. The larger the freckles, the longer it takes to deal with them.

Therefore, if you want to get rid of age spots painlessly and for a long time, it is better to choose a laser technique that will help you achieve the desired result evenly and effectively, without damaging the epidermis.



To reduce the likelihood of freckles and age spots, it is necessary every day, regardless of the season and the presence of clouds, to apply SPF products (in winter – 10-15, in summer – 30-50).

Author: Glazunova Daria, founder of the clinic of aesthetic medicine SKY ESTETH

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