• 27th February 2020

You spend so much time (and money) on various beauty treatments and a lot of skin care products … Meanwhile, anti-aging serums and creams are far from cheap! And if you give your hard-earned money to cosmetics, then of course you want every chosen beauty product to act on your skin as efficiently as possible.


Fortunately, there are tricks to help improve the effect of makeup products – and this is not the purchase of the most expensive beauty products!

You are well aware of the benefits of peeling and natural face masks, but now Swjournal reveals the secrets of how to make a beauty routine more useful!

Always mix oils with creams

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Imagine a salad dressing made up of oil and water. Your skin needs the same thing – in addition to oil, it needs an additional agent that can penetrate its barrier. If you want to include face hydrolytes in daily care, do not forget to mix the oil with a cream that will help it penetrate deeper into the epidermis.

Do not wash your face with your hands!


Yes, it sounds strange, but it is logical – detergents remove dead skin cells, but their composition and your fingers are too soft to effectively cleanse the skin. Therefore, instead of applying foam or gel to the palm of your hand and rubbing them, it is preferable to use a towel (or brush for cleaning) and cleanse your face with it.

Peeling under the eyes


Regular exfoliation and, therefore, removal of dead skin cells helps prevent wrinkles. So, if you want a valuable eye cream to work better, start with regular and gentle (!) Peeling in this area.

Do not apply serum with your fingers.


Your hands will soak up a lot of valuable product before it hits your face. This is true in the cold months, when the skin on the hands is dry. It’s better to apply the serum directly to the skin – one drop on the forehead, cheeks, chin and neck – and just drive them with your fingertips.

Wash your face only once a day.


Skin cleansing twice a day is excessive, so you remove sebum from the skin, and with it everything that preserves your youth. Your body sleeps at night to recover, and your skin renews with it. Therefore, it is important to wash it before bedtime.

Double Use Eye Cream


Serums are intended for use in the area around the eyes, as well as for smoothing lip wrinkles. And they are better than creams, because they have a less molecular structure, which means that the beauty product will more actively penetrate the epidermis and in the sensitive area around the eyes.

Don't be afraid of blades


Many people think that a procedure called dermapilling is designed to remove delicate facial hair, but it is also needed to remove dead skin, to free pores so that beauty ingredients can more easily penetrate the skin and take care of it.

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