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Important rules for the care of the neck and décolleté

Important rules for the care of the neck and décolleté

Everyone wants grow old gracefully, and this is no secret to anyone. Of course, the correct sleep and nutrition regime, rejection of bad habits, control stress and a minimum of sports will help to make sure that the years do not affect your mood and do not spoil your appearance with the appearance of tired wrinkles… This will “make it easier” to age and give you more time to enjoy every moment of life. But besides general care, there are points to which special attention should be paid.

For example, it is known that in skin care women often do not pay attention to neck area and décolleté, which is where the first signs of aging appear. Yes, this is a natural process, but why not use simple tricks that will make you look younger and more well-groomed?

Swjournal offers some simple tips to incorporate into your daily beauty routine so that your neck doesn’t give out your age

Protective factor

The first and basic rule of neck and face care: be sure to use cream with protective factor… Among the variety of brands and formulations, try to find a beauty product that is also suitable for the neck and décolleté, which will protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays. In this area, the first signs of aging are noticeable, so after a while you will hardly want to see a smooth face and wrinkled neck.

Even when applying SPF cream on the face, most ladies forget that sunscreen should be applied to the upper part of the chest, for example, when choosing a dress with a V-neck. Alas, many make this mistake and do not pay enough attention to the skin of the neck, so it “gives away” their age.

Don’t forget about peeling


As with the face, over time, dead skin cells build up on the neck and chest, making it look rougher and older than it actually is. To avoid this, use a delicate scrub to stimulate blood circulation and prepare skin for moisturizing cream.

In addition to scrubs, which you can buy in pharmacies and cosmetic stores, homemade masks that you can prepare yourself will also be effective.


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The more hydrated your skin is, the healthier and smoother it will be. Therefore, she uses beauty products developed specifically for the care of the neck and décolleté. For example, beauty products with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid will not only retain moisture in the epidermis, but also reduce the number of fine wrinkles that have already appeared.

Despite the fact that it is always more convenient to apply a universal cream or face serum to the neck, it is still better to use beauty products specially designed for these areas. Although the formulations used for facial skin care are fine for the neck, it is important to use them with care as the skin on the neck and chest is more sensitive to certain ingredients.

Apply cosmetics from bottom to top

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As with your face, every time you apply products to your chest and neck, it is best to do it in a gentle upward motion to help tighten the skin and reduce the effects of gravity.

Start the massage by moving from the décolleté towards the face, and with light touches from the bottom up, apply the cream to the desired area.


Of course, everyone does it. However, according to research, this is what can lead to early aging of the skin on the neck, even with quality cosmetic care. To prevent this process, if possible, it is better not to lean towards the computer or phone, but to pull up the screen and raise the phone to eye level.

There are fears that blue light from gadgets can provoke free radical damage and also lead to hyperpigmentation.

Visit to the beautician

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While home care is very important, regular visits to your beautician should be part of your beauty routine.

If the neck and décolleté require additional assistance, then it is worth consulting a dermatologist for appropriate treatment and care for this delicate area.

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