L’Oreal Infallible Mega Gloss

Deep colors berries, corals, roses and fruit desserts, the shine of metal and textured surfaces are your cosmetic bag transforms into an exquisite box full of precious stones… Mysterious, full of emotions and dazzling – you will love these shades at first sight.

Deep shades have high inner energy and strength, they have a secret. They attract the eye and make you peer into them, as you peer into the depths of a precious stone. Using these shades in makeup, you will feel calm and relaxation, while you will not leave a feeling of delight.

L’Oreal Paris presented a collection of glitters for lips Infallible Mega Gloss. It has eight delicate shades – four shiny and four pearl

The glosses are presented in small, compact bottles with a matching double-sided applicator, with the concave side for the lower lip and the curved side for the upper lip.


Thanks to its creamy texture shine does not leave a sticky feeling on the lips, and the hyaluronic acid and vitamin E included in the composition additionally moisturize the lips.

Deep pink is not only sophisticated in itself, but also serves as the basis for classic makeup. Add decorative elements of shiny metal to the look and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of relaxation and beauty, like in a dream.

Elegant and deep red – adjusts to silence and thoughts of the eternal. Apply lipstick of this color and you won’t want to part with it, or add jewelry and feel like a queen.

Coral color – like the sun, will illuminate your makeup and revitalize it, everything will shine in its warm warming colors.

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Photo: Materials of press services

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