• 3rd August 2020

A pacifying evening to the sound of a crackling fire … The evening desert coolness that replaces the heat will not scare you if there is a source of heat around which you can gather with the company or alone and devote the evening to quiet unhurried conversations, dreams and fantasies. So cozy up in the evening by the fire and relax with body and soul. Somewhere there, stars shine in the night, magical shadows roam, but around you there is harmony and calm of safety, the eternal smells of tar and a burning tree, as well as skin that has absorbed the sun's rays and the rustle of sand.


Louis Vuitton introduced the Nuit de Feu perfume, which smells like a summer night in the desert, where in the darkness until late at night a bright, magical fire burns, like love and a passionate heart, tearing darkness and darkness with the power of a bright feeling.

Imagine if even the description of the perfume sounds so romantic, how interesting is the composition itself?


“With the help of thick white smoke, ritual incense was used for thousands of years to communicate with gods. Incense recalls the origins of perfumery and its paramount task. Per fumare in Latin means “through smoke”. This singular note is transcultural and sacred in many beliefs. It connects people, raises the spirit and communicates with your soul, whether you are from the East, from Asia or live in Europe, ”explained Jacques Cavalier Beletrud.


Perfume is created orientally warm, dense and saturated. Nuit de Feu holds notes of white and black incense from Somalia, which are processed in the Louis Vuitton workshop in Grasse. If you apply the fragrance to the skin during the day, then in the evening you will smell the skin, amaretto and wood – the key ingredients in the fragrance collection.

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Photo: Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt


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