• 7th April 2020

The best Flawless? Yes, it can be like that! With a classic, non-aging perfume collection. Stylish, high-quality and concise aroma – and your image has never been so impeccable.

French actress Marillon Cotillard will be the face of the advertising campaign of the cult fragrance Chanel No. 5.

She has been faithful to the CHANEL home since the beginning of her career, appearing on the red carpet in the creations of the Fashion House for Jean Pierre Genet's film “The Long Engagement” and Olivia Dunne's “Life in Pink”. And this time, the girl took part in a perfume brand promotion company.

Transforms the world around, inspires beauty experiments, delights in cold winters and refreshes in warm summers. That's all he is – the unforgettable traditional Chanel No. 5.


And Marion Cotillard is also a new classic, she conquered the world by playing Edith Piaf and receiving the Oscar, Cesar, Golden Globe and BAFTA Award for Best Actress. This international recognition gave her the opportunity to collaborate with renowned directors such as Jacques Odier, James Gray, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott, Stephen Soderberch and Leos Carracas.

Sincere, faithful and unique Marion Cotillard from film to film tells about the extraordinary fate of a free woman. The embodiment of French natural beauty, Marion Cotillard has a unique “je ne sais quoi”.

It complements with its elegance the image of the cult fragrance No. 5.

The advertising campaign will last all year.

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Photo: grazia.rs


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