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Often medicinal plants are inconspicuous and modestly grow in the shade of trees, in the forest or in dense thickets near the paths. And ironically, it is often these flowers and herbs that have strong healing properties, not only helping to restore health, but also returning energy and youth. Hydrolates and decoctions of plants as part of creams, masks, serums, compresses or lotions noticeably improve the condition of the skin, returning it to a healthy color and elasticity.

Borage and evening primrose


These modest flowers contain valuable oils full of gamma linolenic acid. Their healing properties are especially necessary for women suffering from atopic dermatitis and experiencing a deficiency of fatty acids.

A cosmetic product with evening primrose or borage oil will not only provide the skin with the necessary fats, but also strengthen its protective barrier.

Aloe vera

Many Korean facial cleansers, cleansing and moisturizing gels contain aloe juice in the composition, obtained from the thick, fleshy leaves of the plant. Aloe helps the skin recover and retain moisture longer. For this reason, gel is especially recommended for dry skin.

With eczema, psoriasis, skin defects, acne, aloe will quickly relieve itching and redness. The gel with a cooling effect will cure sunburn and soothe insect bites on the skin.


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The plant has an anti-inflammatory effect due to the content of tannins. It is present in the mass of creams and gels for the treatment of wounds. Hamamelis has been shown to be effective in eczema, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis.

Witch hazel is used in beauty products for normal skin and body lotions, because it controls the production of sebum and cleanses the pores.

St. John's wort

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In mid-June, St. John's wort reveals bright yellow flowers and as if absorbs "all the power of the sun" – ultraviolet. Its oil soothes the skin, suppresses inflammation and stops the development of bacteria.

A healing forest plant nourishes and heals thin, chapped skin, heals scars, and helps cure minor burns and bruises.



Mirra is a Mediterranean medicinal tree, the resin of which was used in Ancient Egypt as a rejuvenating beauty product. Today, instead of it, its dried leaves, flowers and stems are used.

Myrrh extracts disinfect, soothe the epidermis and are especially suitable for sensitive, damaged skin.



As a medicine, chamomile is universal: it contains not only essential oils, but also the apigenin phytonutrient.

Chamomile decoctions nourish the skin, reduce inflammation and disinfect it, gently moisturize sensitive, dry skin and relax it.



Mountain arnica prefers high altitudes. Its bright yellow flowers keep a high concentration of essential oils, soothing, smoothing dry and tired skin.

Cream with arnica smooths the tone, moisturizes the skin and protects it with ultraviolet radiation.



Sage is full of tannins and essential oils. The medicinal herb not only treats tonsillitis and soothes excessive sweating, but it is an important tool for oily and sensitive skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help fight acne. And thanks to the astringent and disinfecting effect, sage narrows the pores.



Ginkgo tree leaf plant extract, used to stimulate the brain and improve memory. But many cosmetics contain ginkgo, because its constituents tighten the skin and prevent wrinkles.

The medicinal plant renews the cells of the body and stimulates blood circulation, giving the skin a radiant, fresh look.

Ginkgo infusion has an anti-inflammatory effect, it protects the skin from the action of destructive free radicals. Due to the anti-aging effect, ginkgo is often used in mature skin products.

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