• 3rd August 2020

The mysterious world of aromas! Beautiful and mysterious, like Paris. With New Year's collections, you will plunge into the atmosphere of France: gold dust, exquisite flowers and … a real treasure – thin perfume bottles from multi-colored glass. The perfumer's shop opens the door for you!

In 2020, Chanel launches fragrances in two unexpected formats available in limited edition.

By the beginning of next year, Chanel prepared Chance fragrance pencils and Chance Eau Tendre hair oil. Practical beauty products in travel format can be put in a bag and carried with you to spray it on your skin and hair from time to time.

Chanel Chanse Aromatic Stick


Chanel offers four interpretations of Chance in a convenient format: Chance fragrance The four fragrances come in pink packaging and look like pastel colored pencils. Spray for a handbag is easy to take with you everywhere to enhance the plume of your fragrance. This flavor format will be available in a limited edition.

The fragrance of Chance gives optimism, Chance Eau Fraîche has a fresh and energetic mood, Chance Eau Tendere will give a moment of tenderness, and Chance Eau Vive will bring brightness to it. Based on your current mood, you choose an aromatic stick, and all you need to do is click on the tip and apply the fragrance at a time.

Hair Oil Chance Eau Tendre


This delicate floral-fruity fragrance, available in the form of hair oil, it combines the properties of a beauty care product and perfume in one bottle. Its formula, enriched with jojoba oil, makes hair soft, shiny and light. Apply a small amount of hair oil all the way to the ends for smooth, delicate hair. The product is available in packs of 35 ml.

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