• 27th February 2020

The pair complements each other – this is what they say about lovers and … about aromas! Because lovers want to be part of each other in everything, to wear the smell of a loved one. If we are talking about perfumes, then they, on the one hand, appear as one, but on the other, each is unique in its own way.

By the way, the choice of paired aromas can bring you closer and even reveal to each other from a new point of view! Swjournal chose new songs that are 100% complementary to each other ♥

L’Eau Kenzo Pour Femme and L’Eau Kenzo Pour Homme


Fans of Kenzo paired flavors will find the February holiday very useful: in pink packaging, sweet and unpredictable flavors will be waiting for them. The female composition is revealed in a duet of mint and pink pepper, and the male composition in notes of sweet linden.

Both L’Eau Kenzo merge, leaving a spicy woody trail with traces of cedar and white musk.

Her Secret Temptation and The Secret Temptation, Antonio Banderas


There are two secret newcomers to the eccentric Antonio Banderas collection. Her choice is woven from citrus notes of orange flowers, it will appeal to those girls who do not like to dominate and be in the spotlight. The fragrance for her is citrus: in her heart are orange flowers, complemented by a bouquet of roses, irises and Arabian jasmine.

The male version is riddled with red pepper and vetiver, it will appeal to those who seduce from the first minutes of meeting. Perfume is a woody composition with a spicy chord of green cardamom.

Illusione for woman and Illusione for man, Bottega Veneta


The couple will create an Italian summer atmosphere around you. In the female version, this magic is possible due to the delicate sound of orange flowers and green figs, and in the male version – along with lemon and bitter orange. Such a combination will surely turn your head around like St. Valentine.

Eternity Air Woman and Eternity Air Man, Calvin Klein


The story of Calvin Klein continues. Two flavors were developed for her, dedicated to lovers, who unconventionally show tender feelings: compositions are based on contrasts of fresh and woody notes. The female version of the fragrance is filled with notes of pear with traces of cedar, and in the male aroma – patchouli and lavender. Have you heard that opposites attract?

L.12.12 French Panache, Lacoste

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Another pair inspired by the iconic Lacoste polo shirt and embellished with a crocodile logo.

For her: the fruit essence blooms with notes of bergamot, pink pepper and black currant. The heart of the perfume is a accord of pink champagne with jasmine and a rose.

QIP Shot - Screen 3695

For him: a fresh oriental aroma opens with notes of mandarin, cardamom and lemon peel. A warm and textured accord associated with the smells of an earthen tennis court combines with the energy of the fruity aroma of apple and lavender. An elegant and modern composition immersed in notes of sandalwood, patchouli and daffodils.

Tiffany & Co.


In the perfume collection by Tiffany & Co. There are paired flavors that already speak more than hundreds of beautiful words – Love. The publication is in the delicate signature shade of Tiffany and with one heart – notes of sequoia and vetiver.


In the female version, they are shaded by basil, grapefruit and neroli, and in the male version – warm ginger, bright mandarin, passionate juniper and cardamom.

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Photo: Press materials

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