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principles of home care and a list of beauty treatments

principles of home care and a list of beauty treatments

Every bride wants to be the most beautiful at her own wedding. The ideal image is formed not only with the help of clothes and accessories, because much depends on the initial external data of the future wife. Rarely a girl is 100% satisfied with her appearance, so someone plans to lose weight for the wedding for many months so that the dress they like fits well, someone tries on a new hair color, and someone resorts to cosmetology for competent care behind the skin of the face.

Portal Svadebka.ws will tell you how to take care of your skin in order to get rid of problems, if any, and prepare for the important day of your life.

Home skin care

Home skin care

Facial skin care can be roughly divided into three categories: daily, weekly and special. The latter is usually carried out in beauty salons. Such skin care, unlike home care, is quite a serious matter, so it is better to entrust it to specialists.

Daily skin care
Weekly skin care

Daily care

You need to take care of your face every day. Moreover, it does not matter whether you are preparing for an important event such as a wedding or not – each of us has our own needs that must be met regularly. If you didn’t know all the intricacies up to this point and didn’t perform proper skin care, it’s time to start doing it.

Care every day

It’s important to choose the right skin care products for you. All of them have notes about what type of skin they are intended for, what effect they have. It may take more than one month to select the line of care that suits you, so it is better to do this at least six months in advance. Or you can contact a beautician for a selection of care products.

It is important to choose the right cosmetics for care

The modern image of the bride implies natural beauty and freshness, so the state of the face determines how the future wife will look on her wedding day. Of course, acne and redness can be masked with a thick foundation, but it will look unnatural, and “heavy” decorative cosmetics will clog the pores and cause even more problems. Therefore, it is better to make sure that you need as little makeup as possible on a holiday.

The bride's makeup should be as natural as possible

Daily skin care in the morning and evening should include the following steps:

  1. Cleansing: in the evening, the skin must be removed from dust, decorative cosmetics, and in the morning – from sebum and the remains of night care. To do this, you can use facial skin care products such as milk, micellar water, lotion, hydrophilic oil, two-phase makeup remover, and cleansing foam.
  2. Cleansing-make-up remover
  3. Toning – toning the skin, a state when it is ready to take in the active components of subsequent care. To do this, use tonics, boosters, mistas, as well as toners that additionally moisturize the skin.
  4. Toning is an important step in care
  5. Moisturizing the skin of the face: Serums, essences, emulsions and creams are used for this.
  6. Moisturizing as a care step
    Applying a moisturizer
  7. Eye skin care: special creams, gels and serums are also used for these purposes.
Caring for the skin around the eyes

Weekly care

Every week, the skin needs more intense cleansing and hydration. In the first case, it can be exfoliation – removal of dead cells of the epidermis with the help of scrubs and peels, as well as deep cleansing with mud and clay masks.

Exfoliation of the skin with scrubs
Alginate mask

Intense moisturizing 1-2 times a week is usually done with masks, which come in various forms:

  • cream and gel masks in tubes and sachets;
  • alginate masks and film masks;
  • fabric and hydrogel masks and patches.

Preparing the bride for the wedding: top procedures in a beauty salon

If we talk about what kind of beauty procedures it is desirable for the bride to undergo before the wedding, it will almost always be a special treatment aimed at solving specific skin problems. Preparing the bride for a wedding with a specialist may include the following steps:

Laser skin resurfacing

What procedure needs to be done should be decided only by an experienced cosmetologist. He will develop a personal care system for you, tell you which products to buy and which procedures to perform. And remember that all beauty procedures in the salon are best done in advance of the wedding, so that all side effects such as allergies, redness and irritation are gone by the day of the celebration.

Consultation with a beautician

The wedding portal www.svadebka.ws told you how a bride should take care of her face at home, as well as what salon beauty procedures should be paid attention to. Follow our simple recommendations, then your wedding makeup will be just flawless, just like you on the day of your celebration!


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