• 4th June 2020

Perfume, like clothing, is your way of expressing yourself and communicating with the world. Your brain has not yet managed to analyze the style and harmony of color combinations of the interlocutor’s outfit, and the sense of smell has already reacted and received a first impression. And here, as in love: either complete coincidence, or 100% indifference, or disgust.

Which perfume ingredients should be handled with extreme caution?

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Of course, do not forget that the perception of aroma is purely individual, and often the decision to “wear it or not wear” should come from each specific case. Despite personal preferences, there is a “risk group” – dangerous aromas that can cause an ambiguous reaction, for example, experiments with incense and other smells that are not intended for everyone.

Swjournal suggests considering notes that may cause mixed reactions from the other person ♥



Incense is not only able to scare the interlocutor, but also immerse him in melancholy memories.

When perfumers frame incense in coffee and vanilla notes, it becomes beautiful and delicate. Light sweetness hides heaviness, leaving only the best from a complex ingredient – mystery and true elegance.

Oud – a smell from the heart of a tree


Oud is a typical representative of a “woody” group, especially respected in Eastern traditions. These perfumes are often brought from the UAE, and this is not surprising: it is there that they often use it.

Woody notes are associated with pure oriental sweets, warm winters and immersion in pleasant memories. For some connoisseurs, oud is a guide to the world of meditation and deep immersion in the unconscious. He inspires perfumers to create intelligent compositions that reveal the whole grace, seriousness and nobility of this ingredient.

Fans of perfumery advise applying such an aroma one hour before leaving the house to soften its sharpness.

"Grandma's Perfume"

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We are talking about the “thick” aromas of the past, which are difficult to find in the perfume collections of modern girls who love minimalism. But these spirits should not be written off, if only because they are a natural phase of development of the industry and the masterpieces of their era.

Recently, interest in vintage perfumes has been growing, and it is likely that it will soon become a trend. Many are tired of modern art and want to see classics on dressing tables, paying tribute to the compositions of talented perfumers of the past.

Any flavor requires an individual approach. It is important not to be afraid of complex notes, experiment, try (especially before important meetings) and think: do I want to wear an unusual perfume?

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