• 27th February 2020

Although you often hope that after a few minutes of standing in front of the closet and choosing an outfit for the day, the torment of choice will end, then you will find hair styling and care. And even if you are half asleep applying your usual make-up, then the styling, which you leave for the last time, often already lacks neither strength nor time. But sometimes a good accessory is enough not to puzzle over the hairdo!

Perhaps the 80s is not the most favorite period of fashion among fashion experts, but it is indisputable that it is this era that inspires designers, like many years ago. It is difficult to imagine the current season without the classic fashionable things that were leading in the 80s: without an oversized coat and blouses with big shoulders.

Slowly but surely leading places are also occupied by accessories of that era, first of all, headbands and hair bands, and in the second there are bows and large hairpins. And these large and bright bows in the summer were printed with peas, in the winter – velvet.


Their size is not so important, the fact is that this part of the hairstyle is able to transform you in a minute. A simple, classic tail without an accessory and with a bow looks completely different! With them, you can make a simple and effective hairstyle in an instant, using several items that are always at hand.

The beauty trends of this winter have highlighted simple and practical hairstyles that are easy to maintain and even easier to create. At first glance, this is a carefully thought-out styling, but it looks relaxed, a little careless, and as if deliberately shows that not a lot of time was spent on its creation.

These are simple and spectacular hairstyles for all occasions: disheveled bunches, high and low tails, as well as styling with a “smooth” effect, when you finally collect carefully combed strands into a flat and neat braid.


Like a bun, a high and low smooth tail can become a simple, fast and versatile hairstyle that you can complement with a bow or a large hairpin. For business meetings in the middle of the week and on Sunday, you can choose magnificent hairstyles, which will take you just a few minutes.

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