styling options for long, medium and short hair

The wedding is truly the most significant and memorable day in the life of every girl. Therefore, the bride must always look perfect. Every detail of her image plays a huge role: a stylish dress, shoes, a bouquet, wedding makeup in 2020 and, of course, a hairstyle that should be in line with fashion and perfect for a girl.

Perfect hairstyle
Perfect hairstyle

The portal aims to prepare brides for the season of celebrations and tell about the most important fashion trends of 2020 and wedding hairstyles, among which you will definitely find the perfect option that matches your outfit and face shape. This will make your image truly flawless, and most importantly – harmonious and complete.

Fashionable wedding hairstyles 2020 for short hair

For some reason, it is generally accepted that the most fashionable and memorable wedding hairstyles of 2020 are suitable only for long hair. We are ready to dispel this myth. Short-haired brides look no less stylish and effective.

Luxurious styling

For a beautiful haircut, a professional styling may be perfect for you. In order for her to harmonize with the image of the bride, it is important to remember only one rule – to maintain balance. If you have chosen a lush wedding dress, then the hairstyle should also be voluminous and vice versa.

Styling for short hair
Wedding styling for short hair

Natural curls

Naturalness has captured all the bridal hairstyle trends of 2020. Naturalness is now in vogue. And there is no more gentle and mysterious image of the bride than the one in which the wind develops her slightly careless curls. Fortunately, this hairstyle is also great for short bobbed hair. For more volume, girls can make a light wave, which will give it even more airiness.

Natural curls
Natural curls for short hair
Delicate curls for short hair
Natural styling for short hair

Retro styling

Any trends, both dresses and wedding hairstyles, tend to return with renewed vigor to the world of fashion. These include elegant retro styling. A bride with this hairstyle resembles a Hollywood movie star who has just stepped off the screen. Curls neatly laid in a wave give her image incredible sophistication and luxury.

Retro hairstyle for short hair
Retro hairstyle

Styling for short hair with accessories

All ingenious is simple. Another way to make your hairstyle unique and memorable are the stylish 2020 bridal accessories that can decorate absolutely any look. To do this, you can use various twigs, hairpins, headbands and even fresh flowers.

Elegant bezel
Elegant hair clip
Delicate neat twig
Hairpin with flowers
Natural flower headband
Short hair adorned with flowers
Fresh flowers wreath

Wedding hairstyles 2020 for medium length hair

Wedding hairstyles for medium length hair in 2020 are the real embodiment of a romantic look and impeccable taste. They amaze and inspire with their diversity and sophistication.

Hairstyle for medium hair

Elegant bun

Among a wide variety of wedding hairstyles, the bun rightfully takes the leading place. It gained such popularity due to the variety of options. Absolutely every bride can find an option to her taste. The bunch can be low, high, slightly sloppy, voluminous and natural, smooth and strict, decorated with accessories, hairpins or flowers. These 2020 bridal hairstyles are unlimited and always look great.

Slightly sloppy voluminous bun
Low gentle bun
Low elegant bun
Romantic bundle
High beam

Light shell

Thanks to the fashion for naturalness and simplicity, the main trends in wedding hairstyles for medium hair are headed by a light shell. The now classic hairstyle is ideal for loose-fitting dresses. Loose strands give the bride even more tenderness and romance. And elegant accessories that adorn the hairstyle make the look more airy and sophisticated.

Rautska for medium hair
Seashell hairstyle
Shell hairstyle for medium hair

Greek style hairstyle

A Greek hairstyle attracts our attention with no less variety than a bun. She is both delicate and luxurious, slightly casual and graceful, which is perfect for modern Boho or Botanist weddings. Natural flowers, a wreath or a ribbon can become the finishing touch, like a cherry on a cake. So your image will acquire uniqueness and elegance.

Greek style hairstyle
Greek hairstyle for medium hair
Greek hairstyle

Airy curls

For a voluminous and airy dress, no less airy curls are perfect. This is a classic that will never go out of style. Flowing hair will add incredible tenderness and lightness to the image, and a neat wedding diadem will fill the entire look of the bride with luxury.

Light natural curls
Airy curls
Elegant voluminous curls
Airy curls for medium hair

Fashionable wedding hairstyles 2020 for long hair

Owners of long hair can not limit their imagination and create absolutely any hairstyle on their luxurious curls.

Wedding hairstyle for long hair

Loose hair

Owners of long hair should not hide their beauty, and the trending hairstyles for the 2020 wedding have provided for this. Therefore, loose curls are invariably considered one of the most relevant options. They can be both with a large wave and absolute straight lines. Any option looks spectacular and stylish.

Loose curls for the wedding
Loose long curls for the wedding
Voluminous long curls for the wedding
Natural curls for the wedding

Volumetric beam

Due to the long length, wedding bunches are incredibly voluminous and lush, which is ideal for an airy dress and will help balance the silhouette. Light casualness and curly strands will give your look natural and romantic.

Voluminous bun for long hair
Long hair bun
Volumetric beam

Complex weaving

It is this hairstyle that is available only to owners of long curls. Various braids and weaves give the bride individuality and refined originality to her image. Such hairstyles are always interesting in their performance and look truly luxurious.

Complex weave hairstyle
Wedding hairstyle with intricate weaving
Delicate hairstyle with complex braiding
Complex braid for a wedding
Complex weaving

Wedding ponytails

Perhaps this hairstyle option will really surprise you, but ponytails actually made it into 2020 bridal fashion. This simple hairstyle has become a real discovery for modern brides that should not be underestimated. The curls gathered in a ponytail give the image both austerity and lightness, style and genuine elegance, sophistication and a sense of taste.

Luxurious ponytail for a wedding
Stylish wedding ponytail

Fashionable hairstyles with a veil for a wedding in 2020

Whatever the 2020 wedding trends of the year, the veil remains an important attribute of the bride. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to it.

Bride with veil

Veil with loose curls

Wedding hairstyles for 2020 are varied and each is paired with a veil. But loose curls look especially gentle and elegant, in perfect harmony with this exquisite bride’s accessory.

Loose hair with a veil
Luxurious curls with a veil
Elegant hairstyle with veil
Veil with loose hair

Veil with gathered curls

A veil with gathered curls always looked stylish and sophisticated. Modern buns are no exception to the harmonious combination and flawlessly complement the bride’s image.

Delicate hairstyle with a veil
Luxurious hairstyle with veil
Veil with gathered hair
Delicate bun with a veil

The portal told you about the most stylish wedding hairstyles. Every bride, regardless of the length of her hair, will be able to find the perfect styling that emphasizes her image and beauty.

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