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Fashionable color of the season: ideas for manicure

No matter how popular the classic and laconic manicure, but after self-isolation and living within four walls, closed beauty salons and manicure rooms, many want to try the most incredible ideas nail art… Summer and warm weather seem to make you show off the brightest, most stylish and eye-catching manicure, although you shouldn’t go overboard. …


What you need to know about ferulic acid?

Ferulic acid, known as hydroxycinnamic acid, is a powerful herbal antioxidant… It protects the skin from damage from free radicals, which are considered the main culprits aging… They cause premature wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, provoke loss of firmness and sagging skin. For decades, ferulic acid has been used in sports nutrition to strengthen muscle tissue, and has …


principles of home care and a list of beauty treatments

Every bride wants to be the most beautiful at her own wedding. The ideal image is formed not only with the help of clothes and accessories, because much depends on the initial external data of the future wife. Rarely a girl is 100% satisfied with her appearance, so someone plans to lose weight for the …