• 27th February 2020

L&L SKIN – modern technologies for rejuvenating, maintaining the beauty and health of your skin at home. The products have premium packaging and a unique design, falling in love at first sight.

The mission of L&L Skin is to give you the opportunity to spend a minimum of time and money on skin care, achieving a result as after visiting a beautician.

L&L Skin devices are made of quality and safe materials. At a cost, one device is equivalent to two similar procedures in the cabin, while you can use it for many years!

EMI brushes

QIP Shot - Screen 3183

Japanese ultrasonic brush-massager for cleansing and massage of the skin of the face and neck, designed for daily cleansing of the skin and facial massage at home.

QIP Shot - Screen 3184

Device without wires. Its shape resembles the phalanx of the finger and allows you to follow the contours of the face and freely clear the T-zone. Soft silicone bristles work in 2 modes, effectively cleansing your skin. It hygienically and effectively cleans and massages the sensitive area around the eyes.

Using a brush, rashes, inflammation are reduced, acne passes and comedones do not occur.


QIP Shot - Screen 3185

Moisturize your face with water;
Apply cleanser to the brush;
Turn on the device in vibration mode with heating;
Form foam with a brush and hand or face;
Massage your face for cleansing;
Remove residual funds from the brush with water.


QIP Shot - Screen 3187

Apply cosmetic product on face;
Turn on the device;
Use the back of the massage brush;
Choose the appropriate mode and power
close your eyes
Enjoy professional care
The device will turn off automatically after five minutes;
Wash the brush with water.

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