• 4th June 2020

Correctly applying mascara is a real art. And according to the law of meanness, if you get together and take the time to do eye makeup, you will be overtaken by rain, snow, tears or sweat, which will reduce painstaking work to nothing.

If your problem is smearing and shedding mascara, then replacing the current beauty product with water-resistant can be a salvation.

Swjournal reveals the advantages and disadvantages of waterproof mascara ♥

What is the difference between waterproof and regular mascara?


They have different formulas – the waterproof version usually has a thicker texture, so when applying it, you should make sure that there are no lumps. He also needs more time to dry.

Waterproof mascaras consist of a set of ingredients that differ from the classic formulas. The less water on the list of ingredients, the less likely it is that the beauty product will spread or spread. On the other hand, less moisture – less moisture. The ingredients of waterproof formulas can make eyelashes dry and brittle. Therefore, apply waterproof cosmetics only when you can’t do without it – in rain, bad weather or for an emotional event, but not every day.

How to remove waterproof mascara?


Waterproof beauty products offer impressive durability and resistance to moisture, so flushing such cosmetics is also not so simple.

The only way to effectively dissolve waterproof mascara and rinse it off with eyelashes is to use oil and an oil-based makeup remover.


To make it easier to remove waterproof mascara, press a cotton pad soaked in any oil to your eyelid. And do not rush to remove it – it will take at least 15 seconds to successfully dissolve the waterproof ingredients in the composition of the product.

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