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The image of the bride for an autumn wedding: top 10 “fresh” ideas

The image of the bride for an autumn wedding: top 10 “fresh” ideas

Although weddings are mostly played in spring and summer, autumn celebrations are becoming very popular. After all, nature “falling asleep” for the winter with its warm saturated colors is no less beautiful than gentle spring or bright summer colors. The main thing is to choose a special autumn image of the bride in order to get stunning in its depth photos for memory, and just look stunning and harmonious.

Wedding portal Svadebka.ws offers you the top 10 ideas on how to create a stylish but warm image of the bride. We will show you how to look beautiful and stylish, and most importantly, emphasize that unique autumn atmosphere in a wedding look.

Wedding look for autumn

Autumn bride look: top 10 ideas for inspiration

It is not so difficult to create a beautiful autumn image of a bride in 2020, the main thing is to know several style techniques, to correctly combine styles and shades. It is worth taking some basic thing in calm tones as a basis, without active decor (most often this is a wedding dress), and then placing bright accents. If the bride’s outfit is spectacular in itself, there is no need for a large number of accessories. Let’s take a look at 10 of the best wedding look ideas for fall so that every bride can choose the one she likes.

Autumn image of the bride

Lush or flying wedding dress made of light fabrics

Flying or flowing styles of wedding dresses look especially atmospheric in early autumn. If your wedding is in September, a light dress will contrast to give an image of tenderness and sophistication. Choose outfits from fabrics:

  • organza, which forms very beautiful air flounces and frills;
  • Organza wedding dress
  • lace, especially ivory or baked milk;
  • Wedding dress with tulle and lace
  • natural silk, which is able to flow beautifully and give elegance;
  • Silk wedding dress
  • chiffon is a thin and light fabric that is indispensable in wedding dresses.
Chiffon wedding dress

“Royal” dresses made of dense fabrics

More “detailed” dresses made of heavy and dense fabric will perfectly fit into the image of the bride at the autumn wedding, which takes place in October or November. They will not only warm in the cold, but also harmonize with the surrounding nature. It is better to pay attention to the “princess” style, as well as straight-cut or English-style dresses made of the following materials:

  • brocade – fabrics from which royal outfits were sewn for a long time;
  • Brocade wedding dress
  • jacquard – a material that looks very expensive and truly chic;
  • Jacquard wedding dress
  • satin – thick silk fabric, which is often chosen for autumn and winter;
  • Satin wedding dress
  • crepe satin is a more budget material that is also suitable for cold weather.
Crepe satin wedding dress

Autumn outerwear for the bride: from capes to coats

The image of the bride in the fall is highly dependent on the air temperature, and that is why we separately considered outfits for the first and second half of the season. And if in September and early October brides can still show off in a dress on the street without the risk of freezing, then from late October to November such an opportunity is unlikely to be. Therefore, future wives should actively warm themselves. The choice of outerwear is very important for the bride’s fall look.

The bride’s outerwear should match the style and color scheme of her image. And what to choose is a private matter for everyone. If it’s not very cold outside, a light lace bolero or cape will perfectly complement a delicate look. A warm fur coat or cloak is suitable for the second half of November, when it is already snowing slowly and temperatures are below freezing. And fall capes, coats and even sweaters for the bride will come in handy at medium temperatures.

Fur boas in the image of a bride
Lace bolero in the image of the bride
Bride in a fur coat in late autumn
Bride in a sweater

Fall Wedding Shoes

The autumn bride herself chooses which shoes to buy for the wedding look. It all depends on the weather, wedding style and personal taste. For example, for colder weather, ankle boots or boots with heels are suitable. A more relaxed and stylized option is Cossack or cowboy boots fashionable in the 2020 season. And as a change for a banquet, you can grab any shoes or ballet flats.

Boots in the image of a bride
Ankle boots for a wedding

When it comes to warmer weather, you can’t do without classic elegant pumps or sandals. Autumn shoes can differ in their brighter or deeper color, and sandals can be worn directly on tights: both warm and suitable for the “lolita” style.

Autumn Wedding Pumps
Bridal sandals

Other accessories for insulation

Beauty comes first, but don’t forget about warmth and comfort. If the style of the wedding allows, why not use details of the bride’s image that will help her keep warm? Hats, scarves, mittens and gloves will additionally add coziness and warmth to wedding photos.

Scarf for newlyweds
Bride in a hat and jacket

Wedding hairstyles for fall

The fall image of the bride, as we already know, depends entirely on the weather. This also applies to wedding hairstyles: if the weather is windy and wet, simple styling can quickly deteriorate. Therefore, you need to either “fill” the hairstyle with styling products, or use weaving elements.

Hairstyle options for an autumn wedding

In warmer weather, you can relax. For example, to make loose curls on loose hair or style them in any way.

Bridesmaid hairstyle for fall wedding

Hair ornaments

Everything is simple here: you can use both traditional wedding hairpins, tiaras and other jewelry, as well as special accessories:

  • hairpins with natural autumn leaves or flowers;
  • Autumn Leaves Hair Ornament
  • hairpins with beads and stones in the autumn theme;
  • Hair decoration with imitation rowan
  • wreaths of autumn flowers and leaves, etc.
Autumn wreath for the bride

Wedding handbag

The bride’s clutch rarely “flickers” in her image, mainly, it is worn by girlfriends or relatives. Still, it is better to choose it so that it matches shoes or other accessories. At the autumn wedding, handbags in golden and red shades will look gorgeous.

Autumn wedding clutch
Red clutch in a wedding look

Bridal bouquet

The autumn bridal bouquet is a real riot of colors and shapes. Branches, leaves, mountain ash, large flowers of rich colors – all of this can be used to form a delicate, grotesque, elegant composition. The 2020 bride’s bouquet of the year is a real flight of fantasy, as today democracy dominates the fashion world.

Autumn bride's bouquet with branches
Unusual autumn wedding bouquet

Autumn wedding makeup

Depending on your color type, choose a make-up in cold or warm colors, but keep in mind that they should be rich and deep. Do not forget to focus on one thing: either on the eyes or on the lips. Autumn also allows for more active contouring. Even nude makeup can be brightened with darker shades of eyeshadow and lipstick.

Intense autumn makeup
Bright autumn makeup for the bride

Wedding portal www.svadebka.ws has offered you the top 10 interesting ideas for creating the perfect autumn look. We hope you got some inspiration and came up with how you will look on your most important day.

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