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The main trends of autumn manicure

The main trends of autumn manicure

It is not at all necessary that your autumn manicure limited to seasonal warm shades and dark tones. At a minimum, you can experiment with different shapes, lines and textures to present traditional and boring patterns on your nails in an unexpected way.

With so many talented bloggers posting the latest nail art examples in Instagram, you can experiment endlessly to complement and enhance your personal style.

Whether you return to your master or continue to do your nails at home, the trends of this fall are suitable for connoisseurs and beginners alike.

From bold and unconventional manicure to trendy negative space designs – Swjournal presents nail art trends that will inspire you for a spectacular fall manicure.

Each nail will tell its own story

Why choose one pattern when you can wear it all at once? This trend is reconfigurable because you decide which patterns and colors to decorate each nail with.

For example, if you like neutral shades, but want to revive the colors you are bored with, then this type of manicure is perfect for you.

You can choose brighter colors, but if you stick to a calm scale, it will make it easier to choose a scheme and yours and your nails will not sharply contrast with each other.

Colored lines

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You don’t have to be a level 80 manicure master to replicate this design. To do this, simply choose any color or combine several different shades. And all you have to do is draw a curved line at any corner of the nail with a brush and then fill it. Yes, it’s that simple! For a bolder look, try pairing two completely different pastel shades on each nail.

Laconic points

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This trend was created for everyone who considers himself a minimalist at heart. Although no special tools are needed to repeat this simple pattern, it still looks impressive. The dots are added as an accent on only two fingers, and the rest of the nails are completely painted over with the same color.

An electric blue shade is suitable for any season.

Marble pattern

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This pattern looks very expensive and respectable. Is there a better way to say goodbye to summer than a declaration of readiness for fall along with such an elegant manicure?

The same effect can be achieved with nail polishes that change color. Their formula reacts to temperature and changes color depending on the temperature of the air around you.

French manicure

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We can say that French manicure returned to the number of trends back in 2019, but the classic design, in any case, would calmly move into the new decade.

The latest version of French manicure is to replace the traditional white tips of nails with edges of different shapes, thicknesses and colors.

Moon manicure

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If you are sure that you have tried all the moon manicure options, then think again! This form is not in vain among the basic, because there are endless options for its reproduction. For example, the last hit is the crescent “negative space” or colored. Keep in mind that this type of nail art has an added bonus – it looks amazing even when your nails grow back.

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