• 29th June 2020

Every girl knows that changing the color of her hair or haircut changes not only her image, but also her psychological attitude, improves her mood and motivates her to take decisive actions. But in order for these changes to be in accordance with modern fashion trends, it is important to understand what color trends and which hair coloring techniques will be more common in the coming year.

Pay attention to modern trends – basically, these are cool light shades, deep coffee tones with highlights, all options of red …


Among the current trends in the world of hairstyles, hair styling and hair length are naturalness, natural negligence and lightness, and in addition to them, cool shades when dyeing. Among the color trends are copper and all the colors of the rainbow.

Keep in mind – when deciding to dye your hair, you cannot just follow what is popular. Yes, they can be used as inspiration or help in finding your own style, but above all, the color of the strands should match your skin type.

Cool shades


One of the most important staining trends in 2020 was not color, but shades of curls. For example, blondes should check with the master that the selected color has a gray subton. If you are a lover of bleached hair, then look for tinted shampoos with purple and blue colors – you can find them in any pharmacy.

Regrowth roots


It can be officially stated that the deliberately regrowing roots that were popular in the late 90s “returned” to the catwalks, to “Instagram” and to city streets! Natural strands can be longer, shorter, darker or brighter – it does not matter.



Red hair is suitable for several types of skin. They look better in women with fair and even milky skin or girls with olive skin. Remember that all copper shades emphasize imperfections and redness on the face.

If you are determined to radically change the color of your hair, then you should start with a golden ombre.

Light caramel


White caramel is one of the favorite staining options for most women. It is sexy, sensual, and highlighted strands add naturalness and volume to the hairstyle. And it does not require constant tinting of the roots. This multidimensional color looks better on long curls.

Pink, blue, green, purple


Long hair has returned to the fashion world! In 2020, we can recolor them in pink, green, blue and purple. Brands have tons of washable or persistent products that do not damage the strands and are suitable for home use.

Remember – you do not need to dye all the hair at once. It is worth highlighting only individual strands, bangs or just the tips. Experiment!

Chestnut with highlights


Ideal offer for brunettes and brown-haired women. Skilfully made color transitions on dark hair can add shine and rejuvenate you for several years. The most important thing in brown shades is to give the strands the correct color and shine. This will help moisturizing sprays and tonics for the hair.

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