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There are many crazy offers and lifehacks on the Internet to deal with enlarged pores, inflammations or pigmentation on the face. There are many misconceptions about washing and beauty care inherited from grandmothers or who came to you from ignorant times. New ideas are a great thing, but there are some areas on your body that you should not experiment with. Your face is one of those areas.

Swjournal will tell you that contrary to advice, in no case should be applied to the face and why ♥

Body lotion

Have you found a body lotion that smells great and makes the skin of your hands and feet soft and velvet? You think, why not apply it to your face? The answer will be negative, because the skin on the face is sucking different. Body lotion can clog pores, resulting in gum formation or acne. Use a good cream strictly for the face, eyelids or neck, because it is an investment that pays off. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin so that it remains healthy, fresh and supple.



No matter how many times you read that toothpaste is a means to “dry” acne during the night, do not believe it! There are even recommendations to rub her in the chest to make her bigger! Toothpaste is used strictly for teeth, and not for the treatment of inflammation or breast growth. Buy a cream with acetylsalicylic acid or zinc, which really eliminate inflammation, and use only them.


Cleansing your face with a simple hand soap is not a good idea, even if your skin is oily. Most of these products have aggressive cleansing components that deprive the skin of protective sebum. As a result, the skin dries and becomes more sensitive. Often, red spots, irritations, as from bites, or itching appear. Always use a mild cleanser strictly for the face, and you will feel the difference.

Hair spray

Although it sounds crazy, there are tips on the Internet how to fix not only your hair, but also your makeup using hairspray. But this beauty product contains alcohol, which is very irritating and dries the skin!

There are special formulations that fix makeup, or refreshing lotions in spray format.

Lemon / Lime

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There are countless tips that acne should be rubbed with half a lemon or lime, and over time they will disappear. But the acid in these fruits or even the substance psoralen (a natural insect repellent) makes the skin extremely sensitive to the sun. As a result, blisters may appear on your face, as if you were burned in the sun, or new spots. Forget about it!



The craziest face-care tip: a mask that can be made at home by mixing activated carbon and PVA glue. Thus, self-proclaimed experts advise you to apply this mask to those places where you have black dots, let it dry and simply remove it from the bottom up. But dermatologists warn that glue has no place on your face, and it will not help you get rid of comedones. You may get an allergic reaction or skin irritation, plus it will heal for a long time. As a result, you will remain with post-acne, and age spots will become more noticeable.

Coarse exfoliation

"Various types of sugar in glass bowls: white sugar, brown sugar and icing sugar"

Do not use anything foreign in the bathroom to exfoliate dead cells from the skin of the face. She is too sensitive to coarse sugar or salt scrubs. Imagine that you are cleaning your face with sandpaper – and it is very similar. You can make facial scrubs on your own, but strictly using facial products.

Old cosmetics

Do you drink expired milk? Hardly. Most likely, nothing bad will happen from old cosmetics, just the active components will stop working in it. But sensitive skin can suffer. If you have old cosmetics, then it is better to throw it away. It is possible that there are bacteria in it that can lead to infection. Old mascara is especially dangerous because the eyes are sensitive, and it is very likely to get inflammation of the eyes from a stitched beauty product.

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