• 7th April 2020

TikTok donates $ 10 million to fight against coronavirus

TikTok donates $ 10 million to fight against coronavirus

TikTok pledged to donate $ 10 million to the World Health Organization (WHO) Solidarity Response Fund to help fight the coronavirus. This fund helps WHO send essential materials to healthcare providers by providing the latest evidence-based information and vital treatments or vaccines.

“There are no words to express the duty that we all owe to those who jeopardize our personal security, who voluntarily separate themselves from their own families, who work around the clock and in incredibly difficult circumstances to save lives,” said Alex Zhu , president of TikTok. “Along with many great companies and individuals, we are passionately striving to make our small contribution to this important matter and the critical work that the Fund provides.”

In addition, TikTok continues to provide assistance to countries and communities in need by purchasing masks for healthcare providers and assisting in the distribution of food to students, teachers and families affected by school closures.

“We can only stop this virus through a coordinated global response in which everyone – from every sector – contributes,” said Elizabeth Cousins, president and executive director of the UN Foundation.

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