• 4th June 2020

Properly selected bangs can transform even the most modest appearance. And vice versa, not the most successful haircut will ruin an attractive face and turn a bright woman into a grandmother. In order for the bangs to rejuvenate, refresh and make you more beautiful, you need to follow one rule – choose a beauty- “design”, according to the type of face and the chosen style.

Most of the girls are bangs to face, but if you took a chance and settled on a not entirely suitable option, this does not mean that you should despair! Swjournal will show that any lady can change her hair style depending on the quality of her hair and face shape, and presents options that will allow you to rejuvenate for several years in a few minutes.

Which haircut will make you fresher and more attractive?

Mini bangs

691172_deb1d33bc2A bang, located a few centimeters above the eyebrows, remains popular, especially with a bob haircut. If you have sharp features, a small nose, but not very pronounced cheekbones, then you should decide on a fashionable transformation.

And with a round face, you should abandon such a haircut: in this case, it is better to prefer a slanting bang on one side.

Long and torn bangs


A universal option that is suitable for girls with long hair, with any type of face, except for the “rectangle” or “rhombus”. Such a free and long bang, barely covering your face, will seriously rejuvenate you and make the image fresher and more attractive.



If you have a round face and you want to lose a couple of years with such a budget anti-aging tool, then you should pay attention to the bang-arch. This season, it is popular because it has become part of the current haircut “sesson”. A clear cut visually narrows the face, and also adds lightness and mystery to your image.



If you have thick or curly hair and want to change without radical action, then take a look at the layered bangs. Its dense texture will hide wrinkles on the forehead, giving out real age and making it noticeably older.



Actual and stylish ragged bangs will suit ladies with an oval type of face, and also combined with curly or curly hair. A haircut will make your look more relaxed, plus, rejuvenate and add sexuality to you. This form visually raises the cheekbones, making the face more interesting.


maxresdefault "srcset =" http://swjournal.ru/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/maxresdefault-1-71x40.jpg 71w, http://swjournal.ru/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/ maxresdefault-1.jpg 1280w "sizes =" (max-width: 1280px) 100vw, 1280px

Girls with a triangular type of face should pay attention to a pixie haircut, which is combined with different shapes of bangs. Change them depending on your mood, stopping at the image that you like at the moment.

Pixie is combined with a long or shortened oblique bang, raised up or left in a mess. You need only a good styling tool and imagination.



To hide your forehead, use the “page” haircut. Straight, wide bangs are not suitable for everyone, which means that before the transformation, consult a stylist and listen to the inner voice.

If you are unhappy with your natural oval face or you are not happy with your cheeks, then a bang will always help you. She will correct the flaws in her appearance, as well as rejuvenate and refresh.

Remember that even choosing a bangs bangs will require preparation from you – do not rush, impartially evaluate your appearance, style and choose the right option.

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