What are the shapes of nails?

Nail polish – final stage manicureto which you come after being attached nails the desired shape.

Many people prefer to do their manicure at home without consulting a professional. But how do you know which type of nails is right for you? Look at cuticle – the edge of the nail should repeat it. Although this can be neglected and choose what you like.

It would seem that what could be easier when choosing a nail shape for a manicure? Round, sharp, square – is there anything else? Do not rush to draw conclusions! In the world of nail art, not everything is so simple and unambiguous! You may not have thought, but different manicure shapes change the look of your fingers and brushes.

Swjournal represents forms that are most often done in nail salons.

Round form

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The straight sides with rounded edges are symmetrical to the curvature of the cuticle. First, square your nails and then file them a little at the edges at an angle.

The rounded edges have no vulnerable spots, but they look childishly delicate and neat. Round nails are suitable for those who type a lot, play the piano, and generally work a lot with their hands. In this case, long nails will be uncomfortable. They are also preferred by those who do not have time to do manicure regularly: the round shape of nails is easier to maintain.

This form is suitable for conservatives and those who like short and concise options. From a practical point of view, it is comfortable for contact lens wearers and often touches the eyes.

Oval shape

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If you do not like to take risks, then the oval shape of the nails is a safe option, with such a manicure your hands look neat and feminine. The oval shape of the nails is especially suitable for short fingers, as it follows their shape and visually makes them longer.

File your nails at a slight angle trying to create an egg shape; this is an easy way to get the desired effect.

Square nails

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The peculiarity of this type of nails is that they have straight edges and square corners. Curvature of this form is absolutely excluded. It is suitable for those with long fingers and a small and wide nail area, regardless of the chosen length of the manicure.

The square shape makes the nails a little stronger, since the width of the top edge is equal to the bottom. For a square shape, file your nails vertically and in one direction along the edges.

Square-oval shape

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The combination of square and oval surfaces is one of the popular shapes that looks very natural. With such a manicure, the corners are not entirely straight, they have a slight curvature, thanks to which your fingers look aristocratic. The rounded square fits all finger lengths. And if you like a simple shape, but don’t like scratches, then this option is for you.

First, round off the nail with a file as if you want to give it an oval shape, and then “align” the top edge.

Almond nails

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Smooth sides and a sharp tip are the main characteristics of such a manicure. In this case, the strength of the nail is crucial, because the almond shape is quite fragile. If you want to strengthen your nails, then apply gel or acrylic on them.

Most often, this option is chosen for long nails – this makes practical sense. Long nails are easier to break, but if they have rounded edges, the chances of damage are reduced.

The almond shape is more difficult to coat, so it is best to proceed slowly, starting in the middle and painting over the edges last.

Any color of varnish is suitable for this form, but if you want neat nails and a manicure that is appropriate in any situation, then choose cream or pink shades.

Stiletto shape

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Structurally, this shape of the nail is similar to the almond shape, but with a key difference – more curved edges and a particularly sharp tip.

This form is especially fragile, so it is imperative to cover your nails with acrylic or gel.

Manicure COFFIN

koji-je-oblik-noktiju-idealan-za-vas (3)

In length, this shape is similar to the “stiletto”, with the difference that it ends in a different way. Instead of a sharp edge – a narrowed plane. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner have made this form of manicure popular.

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