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What can ruin the wedding look: the main mistakes of many brides

What can ruin the wedding look: the main mistakes of many brides

To create a stylish image of the bride, it is important not only to choose an outfit and accessories that will be ideally combined with each other, but also to think over makeup and hairstyle. That is why it is recommended only to be inspired by the images of other brides, but not to copy them completely. After all, what looks good on one may not work at all on the other.

In an effort to create a harmonious wedding look in 2020, many brides make obvious and very stupid mistakes, which are then revealed either directly on the wedding day or after it, when the couple receives pictures from the photographer. To create a beautiful and modern bride look, you need to know what can spoil it. And the portal Svadebka.ws will tell you more about this.

Mistakes in the image of the bride

What mistakes do brides make when creating a wedding outfit?

When choosing an outfit and accessories for a celebration, it is very important to observe the measure and maintain harmony. One extra or missing detail, and the bride’s wedding image is either overloaded or incomplete. In addition, it is important to choose what will suit the girl in color type, body type, shape and facial features, and even in size. And the slightest mistake can ruin the whole impression of the appearance.

Wedding dress off the figure

It is not for nothing that a lot of styles of wedding dresses were invented so that every girl could choose exactly the outfit that would “sit well” on her. Even the most beautiful and carefully selected details of the bride’s image will not save the situation if the outfit gathers in folds in the most unexpected place, visually makes the bride’s figure disproportionate, and so on.

The wedding dress must be in shape

To make the image of the bride in a dress perfect, it is worth spending time trying on different outfits. Even on models with perfect figures, they sweep or pin up clothes before fashion shows to make them fit well. And be prepared that the wedding dress will also have to be hemmed if you still don’t find a suitable option on sale. And one more tip: ask your friend or mother to take a picture of you in the outfit from different angles – this way you will be able to evaluate your appearance from the outside and how approximately your image of the bride will look in wedding photos.

Fitting a wedding dress

Banal solutions for the image

It seems that the same techniques are used to draw up a wedding “bow”, but still there are many ways to implement this or that idea. Take a look at the two pictures below.

Look 1
Look 2

It seems that brides have different types, make-ups, hairstyles and dresses, but here is one image. Accordingly, banal ways were used to implement it. Don’t be afraid to use more original solutions, forget about stereotypes of the bride’s image. And you get a unique look that will nonetheless remain bridal.

The original image of the bride
Unique image of the bride

“Excessive” image of the bride: bright makeup, complex hairstyle, abundance of accessories

We have already written a lot about the use of accessories in the image of a bride, but we will repeat the main points:

  • large decorations should be adjacent to small ones or be the only ones in the image;
  • it is better not to use rings in the image of a bride at all, if they are not accent;
  • bracelets are also rarely used in the image, if they are not accent;
  • there must be one thing: either a spectacular head ornament, or a necklace / choker.

The rest of the image of the bride, in addition to the dress, is determined by the hairstyle and makeup. In 2020, naturalness is in trend, and too “heavy” makeup and a complex hairstyle with an abundance of hairpins (not simple, but decorative) can ruin the whole impression of the appearance.

Excessive bridal makeup
Too bright wedding hairstyle

Today, the most natural hairstyles and makeup are in fashion. If something complex is being “constructed” on the hair, it is appropriate only for a thematic wedding in the style of “Hollywood” or “Hipsters”, and in makeup it is better to do a bright accent either on the eyes or on the lips.

Delicate wedding look
Stylized image of the bride

Long nails with abundant decor

Such a manicure has long and firmly established itself in the category of anti-trends of the bride’s image. Even if you are comfortable with long nails, even if the decor seems delicate and airy, this looks irrelevant and out of date.

Outdated wedding manicure

In 2020, the bride should have a neat manicure with short or medium nails. It is desirable that the coating be monochromatic and nude, and the accent can be made on one or two nails. A bright manicure will also be appropriate, but here it should definitely be monotonous and a minimum of decor.

Actual wedding manicure
Bright solid color manicure

The discrepancy between the images of the bride and groom

Even if the appearance of the future wife and husband is ideal, it is not a fact that together they will look harmonious. For example, if the bride chooses an ivory outfit, and the groom chooses a boiling white suit, together it will look strange. The wedding dress will look dirty against the background of the groom’s outfit, or vice versa, the suit will look too cheap against the background of the noble color of the dress.

Images of the bride and groom

The image of the bride and groom should be in the same style and a similar palette. A bright female accessory can be duplicated in color with a bow tie, a bouquet with a boutonniere, etc. If the wedding takes place in the summer, the groom can wear shorts, but then the bride’s image should also be beachy and relaxed. In this case, the colors of the clothes may not be repeated at all, but everything will be in the same style.

Harmonious images of the bride and groom

The modern image of the bride implies naturalness, tenderness and comfort. Do not be afraid to experiment, but you also don’t need to overdo it – everything should be in moderation, the www.svadebka.ws portal is sure.

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