• 7th April 2020

Beauty salons have become a part of our life, and without them it is almost impossible to do. However, due to the general tense situation in the world and the pandemic, it is recommended to postpone a number of procedures until the situation stabilizes. Be patient, take care of yourself, and Swjournal will tell you which cosmetic procedures you will have to temporarily refuse ♥

Hair treatment

Even if you made an appointment with a hairdresser half a year ago, you can tolerate at least another month. You should not carry out hair care, because another person can sit next to you, and he may be infected without knowing it. You cannot say for sure whether he was recently abroad or talking with strangers. In any case, it is better to postpone the visit to the salon.

There are tons of hair care products available at home that are on sale. Masks with various effects can be ordered without leaving home. And you will be pleased with the result.

Facial treatments

Coronavirus is a respiratory disease transmitted by airborne droplets. Therefore, you should have less contact with other people. Now imagine how close the beautician leans toward your face during treatment. Many “ignore” the virus, claiming that they have good immunity or are incubated.

Modern cosmetics will help you carry out the necessary procedures at home. For example, a special brush will help deeply cleanse the face, removing dead cells, and masks with healing compounds will help with care and give the necessary hydration. Be sure to read the instructions to get the promised effect!


The Covid-19 virus can enter the body through the mouth, nose, or eyes if touched with dirty hands. It is highly recommended that you follow basic hygiene rules and use cleaning products. During a manicure it is very difficult to control the situation, because your hands are on the master’s table for an hour. You can easily skip the moment when you touch your face.

It is recommended to refuse manicure, as an opportunity to “relax” a bit from the gel. In any case, this must be done periodically to give the nail plate time to recover. You can strengthen it with a special tool, and also do not forget about cuticle oil.

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