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what is a sign of bad taste?

what is a sign of bad taste?

Wedding fashion does not stand still, and every year not only new trends appear, but also anti-trends. Most often, of course, we are talking about wedding dresses. That is why the most terrible wedding dresses of the stars are discussed on the network so often. But do not forget about the hairstyle. After all, if it turns out to be ridiculous, then the image will be irretrievably damaged.

The portal Svadebka.ws will tell you which wedding hairstyles in 2020 are considered not just unfashionable, but terrible. They will show bad taste and bad taste.

Horrible wedding hairstyles

The ugliest hairstyles in 2020: don’t do it!

Alas, some hairdressers do horrible wedding hairstyles year after year, following the same principle. Therefore, brides themselves should be aware of not only the most beautiful and fashionable hairstyles, but also terrible styling, so that they will never do this on their heads in their lives.

So what awful wedding hairstyles are not worth doing? Let’s consider those options that have become not just anti-trends, but indicators of “bad taste”.

“Plastic” curls

Long ago out of fashion curls, which are clearly separated from each other, shine and shimmer, and rattle during movement, because they are soaked through with varnish. Of course, the styling should be durable, because the bride will have to walk with it all day. But you should not overdo it with fixation, especially if not very high-quality means were used. Modern varnishes, gels and foams do their job well and are practically invisible on the hair. Therefore, with their help, you can make stylish curls that will look natural.

Horrible hairstyles for a wedding
Unfashionable curls

So why did the split curl trend end? The first reason is obvious – they don’t look natural, and in 2020 there is a clear tendency to reject everything artificial. Secondly, such curls are almost impossible to comb without pulling out half of the hair, since they are firmly glued together. Well, and the third reason is that in reality and in the photo, such a hairstyle does not look very beautiful, too doll-like and out of date. Don’t go for this awful option, go for soft or sloppy waves.

Soft curls
Careless waves

Bouffant and extreme volume

Such ridiculous combed hairstyles can often be seen in wedding photos from 10 years ago. And if too large a volume is combined with the “plastic” curls, which we talked about above, this option from the category of ridiculous risks moving into the category of “collective farm”. Yes, we constantly observed such wedding hairstyles of the stars 10 years ago, but a lot of time has passed since then, and in this situation it is not worth taking note of the images of your idols.

Curls and bouffant
Hairstyle with fleece

How to replace bouffants? We must say right away that it is not worthwhile to create volume at the roots with the help of a corrugated iron nozzle. These stylers damage hair very badly and make it brittle. And “grooved” hair can show through in the hairstyle, which will not look very pretty. The alternative is a small but natural volume, which is achieved with the help of professional styling products.

Natural volume
Natural volume styling

Complex weaving

Another outdated hairstyle for a wedding is numerous braids, spikelets and other weaves that look deliberately neat. This is not to say that they are terrible, but the language does not turn to call them modern. Yes, these bridal hairstyles for long hair are the perfect choice for hot or windy weather, but there are many worthy replacements that are trending right now.

Complex weave hairstyle
Weaving too complicated

For example, complex weaving can be replaced with a simple one – instead of numerous spikelets, you can braid one careless braid, tie it with a ribbon and conquer everyone with your charm. Or you can make a more complex braid, but do not smooth every hair, but, on the contrary, release more of them, so that everything looks more casual and natural.

A casual hairstyle with a simple braid
Sloppy weaving

Too sleek hairstyles

Avoid styling where each hair is fitted to a hair, where the strands are laid in fancy waves, all this shines and shimmers. Yes, smoothness and shine are beautiful, but no longer fashionable. Such funny wedding hairstyles in 2020 literally declare that the bride tried to look chic and elegant, but not very well.

Smooth hairstyle
Too perfect hairstyle

If you want to create a luxurious and noble look, choose a simple bun or soft loose curls.

Sloppy bunch
Wedding Hollywood Wave

Overkill with decorations

Many brides make mistakes when choosing a wedding hairstyle, but they experience no less difficulty in choosing jewelry. Numerous hairpins with pearls, rhinestones or artificial flowers are bad manners.

Hair with hairpins
Plastic curls and bustle of jewelry

It is better to choose one volumetric piece of jewelry – a tiara, a headband or a massive hair clip.

Large hairpin
Flower headband

The www.svadebka.ws portal told you about the ridiculous hairstyles of brides that you shouldn’t do for a modern wedding. Choose light and delicate styling and feel confident and irresistible on the day of the celebration!