What will be your age?

You can take care of your face and hair, with the help of makeup, skillfully hide flaws and it is beneficial to emphasize advantages, follow figure and choose good looks in clothes… You look from the back – a girl! But the face gives out: this lady is over 50.

What is this elusive mystery of youth – and how to solve it in order to apply knowledge to yourself benefit?

Axis of youth – Frankfurt horizontal

To dress up as Santa Claus, it is enough to put on a beard and a red robe. And to look younger – smooth out wrinkles and make your lips brighter? Unfortunately no. It won’t be enough.

In 1974, the filming of the film “Starling and Lyra” ended, where the talented Lyubov Orlova tried to play a 30-year-old Soviet intelligence officer. The actress looked great for a 70-plus! But even despite the energetic look, good makeup and well-groomed hairstyle, viewers saw a clear discrepancy between the age of the actress and her heroine.


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Take a profile picture of yourself. Draw a line between the top edge of the ear tragus (small cartilage near the ear canal) and the bottom edge of the orbit of the eye. The resulting line is the same Frankfurt horizontal along which our brain reads age… Dentists-orthodontists are guided by it when placing braces and dentures, and anthropologists – when reconstructing a person’s image.

The position of the Frankfurt horizontal changes with age. Pay attention to small children: chin up, look above the horizon. Look at adolescents aged 13-18 – the head position is leveled, the Frankfurt plane is parallel to the ground. And then the head slowly but surely begins to sink, the gaze rushes below the horizon. Little by little, imperceptibly, posture and body statics change, the Frankfurt horizontal deviates.

We sit endlessly: at school, at the university and at work, trying to get comfortable in a chair at home, constantly slouching and reaching with our heads to a book or smartphone screen. It is not surprising that the muscles of the neck become more and more pinched and stiff, tightening the occipital region. Muscle ossification develops, the neck and shoulders are filled with lead.

And I would like to straighten up – but desire and willpower alone is not enough. Incorrect posture accumulated over the years makes itself felt.

How to return to the “young” position?

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There will be no “magic” recipe for instant rejuvenation – because it does not exist. To regain a flat back and a high head position, you need to painstakingly work on muscle relaxation, posture and neck statics. Sign up for a massage, do self-massage, take time for walks and exercise, watch how you sit, and remember to take short breaks while you work.

Sounds too complicated, boring and long? Perhaps, if you practice haphazardly and alone. But if you find support in the person of like-minded people, progress will be faster, and the pleasure from the process will be many times greater.

In her lecture, Anastasia Dubinskaya talks about simple steps that you can start taking right now – on the way to health and rejuvenation of your body.

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