• 27th February 2020

What features are endowed with girls who prefer certain shades of varnish?

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of successive beauty trends, especially when it comes to manicure. Each new season before you – dozens of new products and nail designs that can win you at first sight. However, often, coming to the master, women abandon trends and simply choose a shade of varnish that they like more than others. What comes to mind first is often the most reasonable option, regardless of the time of year or fashion trends. And this shade of varnish is able to reveal the character of the girl.

Swjournal will tell you about what character traits your manicure color can tell.

Dark colors


Dark shades of manicure are loved not only by representatives of subcultures, but also by stylish ladies with a difficult character. Black nail polish does not indicate criminal inclinations and cruelty, but those who choose a similar shade can stand up for themselves. Plus, to all this, they are impudent, straightforward and strict – real leaders and leaders.

Red shades


Such a classic and elegant option, like red varnish, has not lost its relevance for several decades. Those who prefer shades of scarlet can be called self-confident personalities who always look stylish, elegant and pretentious.

Pink tones


Oddly enough, but pink shades do not indicate femininity or tenderness at all. This gamut is chosen not by romantic young ladies, but by flirty, playful ladies who love to tease men and adore flirting. Pink is also appreciated by women who, even at an age at heart, feel like little girls – a little infantile and a little moody.

Burgundy gamma


If you prefer wine and berry tones, then this indicates that you are a real sex bomb. It is the color of cherries, and not red, as one might think, those who are confident in personal magnetism choose the ability to attract men and hit them with strong energy.

Blue options


The royal shade was among the trends of 2020, but in this case, not everyone will decide to apply it to the nails. If, contrary to stains from the paint, you still choose blue, it means that you are always looking for a new and non-standard. Fans of a mystical and mysterious manicure do not like to stand still and prefer movement for the sake of movement.

White color


This is an ambiguous color of nail polish: on the one hand, it has always been a sign of innocence, tenderness, purity of soul, but in the world of manicure everything is a little different. A lady who prefers white manicure carefully monitors fashion and tries to look younger.

Beige tones

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Nude shades are, first of all, convenient, as they smooth out errors in manicure, imperfections in nails or nail design. So, girls who love to cover their nails with skin tones are characterized as simple in communication, unpretentious and non-whimsical. Light character, inability to take offense at trifles and an open soul: if you prefer nude shades, you can note a pleasant and simple temperament.

Pastel Gamma


Delicate pastel colors are the choice of ladies who consider romance and femininity to be their best quality. For them, love will always come first.

Neon paints


Juicy, acidic colors are responsible for themselves – they can not choose modest girls with a restrained character. Explosive colors are preferred by adventurers who choose adventure and do not refuse fun. Bright, original and temperamental girls will always choose the chance to emphasize a non-standard nature, including with the help of neon manicure.

It cannot be denied that the preferred shade of nail polish is able to tell a lot about the state of mind and character. Surely you also managed to find the connection between the design of manicure and the temperament of girls – the magic of a beauty world and a small fraction of basic skills in psychology.

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