Why is rosehip oil so useful?

Besides nutritious night cream, no other means of skin care will not give her such a feeling of freshness and softness as face oil. If you add a few drops of this organic product to your moisturizing serum during your evening beauty routine, you can easily turn it into a relaxing ritual. before bedtime

While there are many different face oils on the market with different formulations to suit different types skin, not many are as popular as the rosehip product. He is rich vitamin A and essential fatty acids, can be used to rejuvenate, smooth acne scars, and treat inflammation.

This oil is suitable for healing acnesince it is not gummy. And it’s no wonder he has so many fans all over the world, including celebrities.

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How does rosehip oil work on the skin?

Due to its small molecular structure, this oil is able to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, stimulate collagen production and reduce fine and deep wrinkles.

It is filled with antioxidants, moisturizes the skin thanks to its high percentage of fatty acids – an incredible 80%!

Rosehip oil contains vitamin A, as in retinol, the holy grail of anti-aging products, vitamin E, vitamin C, omega fatty acids 3,6 and 9, which accelerate the regeneration of skin cells, increase its elasticity and relieve hyperpigmentation.

The essential acids in rosehip oil strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, help retain moisture and maintain its elasticity.

How to use the oil?


Experts recommend applying a few drops of rosehip oil to the skin as the last step in skin care – gradually it will make it smooth, hydrated and well-groomed.

Since it is a dry oil, it should be applied at the end of beauty treatments, after other water-based products.

Because of its moisturizing properties, you may be able to skip moisturizing cream, especially in summer. In colder months, you can adjust the procedure by applying a moisturizer after the oil. This will make your skin feel better, smoother and more even. But you can see the guaranteed positive effect of using the oil only after six to eight weeks of regular use.



Although rosehip oil has an impressive number of benefits and is suitable for all skin types, it is always best to be careful when using an unfamiliar beauty product. These products can irritate sensitive skin.

To check for an allergic reaction, apply a small amount of oil to the inside of your hand – if there is no reaction after 24 hours, you can apply it to your face without any problems.

Rarely, but there are situations when rosehip oil worsens the condition of acne-prone skin, despite the fact that in most cases it gets rid of acne.

Because rosehip oil contains vitamin A, it should not be used with retinol.

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